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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Salt of the Earth?

Folks, we keep hearing from folks who are concerned that nothing will ever happen to Ana and her gang.  Folks are worried that even if it does, it won't be before the General Election next Tuesday.  Folks we all want to see Sheriff Ana Franklin and her gang to go to jail.  The same way Steenson did and Steven Ziaj did.

We are not in control of the outcome of any of these cases any more than the whistleblower is with the case Ana has brought against her.  We will say this: sheriff Franklin has tried hard.  She wants the whistleblowers bad or, those she believes to be whistleblowers so bad that she claims that a whistleblower manipulated a sitting judge to believe that Salt of the Earth Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell could not have possibly done anything wrong.

Folks.  That is a desperate attempt to make these claims with no proof what so ever.  When has Ana ever needed proof?  Ana had no proof to bust in the whistleblowers' office or have her informant do it for her because she was too big of a coward to obtain a warrant legally.  And stooped to the lowest of the lowest levels to keep the whistleblowers from blowing on her.

Sheriff Ana Franklin found no proof of wrongdoing at the whistleblower's office.  We got too close to the Title Mart operation.  We had to be stopped.  Why! Old Billable Barney demanded to know in bankruptcy court who the whistleblower is.  This all came before Ana and her gang plotted to raid the whistleblower's office late one night.  A night that Sheriff Franklin must have thought would be the end of the whistleblowers and if it wasn't the end, the sheriff vowed to make the whistleblower pay.  Ana's once long-term lover was the one she wanted to run over with a bush hog and watch his head pop like a watermelon.  That doesn't sound like true love to us.  If Ana was reelected she had plans for him as well.  Not to mention her disdain for Bili and some of the others in her command staff.

One thing Ana wanted more than anything was the whistleblower and Warden Leon Bradley.  She got both but then it was hard for her to turn loose of them because Judge Thompson set the record straight for the people of Morgan County.  Ana the sweetheart of the county was exposed for what she really is.  A liar, a deceiver, a user, and a loser.  The problem is Ana hasn't lost nearly as much as those she went after.  Warden Bradley lost his job.  His loving family, church and friends stood by him and still do.  Warden Bradley was embarrassed but Ana didn't win.  She lost the battle and the war against Leon.  His embarrassment was only for a time.  Sheriff Ana Franklin and her gang lost a lifetime of respect.  We hope they lose a lot more than that and it ain't their life.  We want them to go to jail.  Ana claimed that the whistleblower tried to kill her.  Dang, we don't want her dead, we just want her in jail.  Is that too much to ask?  Lord what an outrageous claim.

So eager were they to know what we were up to they followed people not just people but their own employees up to the FBI office to see who was ratting them out.  Ana and Gang, you have been ratted by most of the people who know what you have done.

Salt of the Earth you are not.  Desperate you are.  Desperate people do stupid stuff.  That's a fact.

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