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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Ron Puckett

Folks, we hear that Ron Puckett has officially left the Hartselle Police Department.  He will be sworn into the Morgan County Sheriff's Office in just a few short weeks.  We look forward to Sheriff Puckett for a variety of reasons:

We need him to bring back honesty and integrity of the Sheriff's Office.

We hear that many of the folks that fed off of Sheriff Ana Franklin are currently jumping ship.

The more of those who jump ship the less Puckett has to clean up.

We were expecting a true story yesterday but according to our sources from Addison, the guy who was to provide the info may be somewhat disgruntled over the warden moving him.

The song attached mentions a gun.  No, Ana, it is not a threat; it just fits my blog...

So! On to the next issue, there are a lot of rumors going round that something's coming down.  Folks, those are all rumors.  So far as that goes nothing may ever happen to Sheriff Ana Franklin other than the fact that she will be gone from the sheriff's office.  Isn't that enough?

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  1. I'd like to say it's enough. But, it's not. People like Ana will continue to hurt, destroy, lie, and manipulate others. It's apparent she's done it so long it's second nature. Its obvious she's made a habit out of it because she thinks no wrong has been done. It's not about's about putting her in jail for breaking the law. Laws she took the oath to protect. Don't we put people in jail to learn their lesson and pay the consequences of their actions in hopes they won't do it again? Ana should be held more accountable considering she used her position to break the law. She may never learn her lesson because she stays in denial, however she is responsible for her actions. Others have gone to jail for much less. It might also help her in the way of a much needed attitude adjustment.