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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Poor little Ana - What's a girl to do- Whoops a sheriff

Geez, what would Ana say about workers comp injuries?  We believe it would be something like.  Well! It's not my fault.  The commission wouldn't give me this, the commission wouldn't give me that, and by the way, I was at a posse event, what am I supposed to do?  Do you think I can be there every minute of every day?  How was I to know one of my employees would shoot another one in the face?  It was an accident you know?  How was I to know an inmate would beat up one of my jailers.  I do the best I can. 

Morgan to hire safety coordinator

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  1. Ana, what in the hell do you know? You are never at the office, you know the place where you are suppose to be to earn you pay check? You show up one day to take pictures of the clerks on Halloween? What was that for? You are receiving a county check bi-weekly and are never there??? Impeach her now.

  2. "WE" haven't done shit Ana. "WE" would involve you and you haven't done anything. "THEY" would be correct terminology.