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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Morgan County Citizens Get Out And Vote

Blogger Comments:  Folks please take the time to click on the URL below and read the entire article.  We encourage all citizens registered to vote to turn out and vote.  We in Morgan County are on the right track.  Arthur Orr is a find decent man who has done what he said he would do.  Ray Long is pushing forward, and Ron Puckett is a man of faith who will never stoop to the level of taking inmate food funds.  It takes a low life person who will cage a man, woman, dog, cat, or any other creature of nature and then fail to feed them adequately.

It is wrong folks.  Sheriffs are powerful people in the State of Alabama.  They seem to have more power than any other political figure.  We believe that power goes to the less scrupulous sheriffs that they are all powerful and above the laws, they are sworn to uphold.  

Sheriffs such as what we have seen with the 49 who refuse to tell the public how much money they have taken from inmate food funds do not deserve to serve out their terms, let alone be re-elected to continue keeping their dirty little secrets.  By the way, some of your dirty little secrets are no longer secrets.

What is amazing about these folks is that they are incredulous when they get caught.  They just can't believe they have done is wrong.

Amendment would stop Morgan sheriff from using jail food money, increase salary

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