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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

More Questions than Answers

Sheriff Ana Franklin, a true law enforcement officer, had no clue what Keylogger Software was on November 5, 2016.  Ana swore under oath in Leon Bradley's hearing that neither she, JP, Robert Wilson or Blake Robinson provided Danel Lockhart keylogger software.

How hard it must be to be a liar.  What's sad is all the hurt Warden Leon Bradley and his family have gone through because he was a standup guy and told the truth.  What a shame that some folks will intentionally to go out and try to destroy those who told the truth.  So desperate was Ana Franklin to stop Leon Bradley and the whistleblowers, because she feared that it would interfere with her bid for reelection, that she went to extreme lengths to lie and try to destroy those who knew some of her dirty little secrets.

The Priceville Partners, LLC information that the whistleblowers collected must have made some people desperate.  Cases in point Steven Ziaja and Greg Steenson.  We feel confident that Sheriff Franklin wasn't handling it very well either.  Lord! We can't recall the number of lies she told about where she got the money before the checks were posted that proved she took the money from inmate food funds.

Sheriff Ana Franklin was so desperate to stop the whistleblowers that she threatened Daniel Lockhart to ensure that he did her bidding.  No military, no fire department work, no nothing.  Daniel would not have been able to work anywhere.  Threats and intimidation are alive and well.

Furthermore, it is hard to believe that after Ana and goons delivered the keylogger, they never mentioned it to Judge Thompson.  Nor did they mention that he was the whistleblower's grandson.  We have our doubts that she informed the AG's office about keylogger software either.  Franklin's lies stretch from one spectrum to the other. 

One thing is for sure.  When she and her goons found out that we were aware of the keylogger software, they were jumping around like Mexican jumping beans.  It's the most fun thing we have ever seen. 

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