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Friday, November 2, 2018

More overtime information on Sheriff' Mitchell's brothers!

For a sheriff who posted on facebook a few weeks ago he had 7 investigators and with all this overtime available for his brothers, why do we not have road deputies to answer calls? Why are the road deputies being worked to death running from call to call with only two deputies on duty at a time to cover the whole county? Seems like poor management of resources to me. Too many supervisors. 

Here we have 14 hours of overtime each, again the exact same number of hours 
which is a little strange. both of these Monday thru Friday employees have overtime on the weekend when the Courthouse and administrative offices at the sheriffs office are closed. Cost involved, Chief Deputy Colonel Kenneth Mitchell at $34.86 per overtime hour,total $488.04 for 14 hours. Captain Curtis Mitchell at $31.97 per overtime hour, total $447.58 for 14 hours.

Sheriff, why are your brothers getting all this overtime when they are both at the top of the sheriff's department pay scale.  Sheriff, do you think this is a good management of your resources. What does this say about your management style?

Again Sheriff, do you have a reply regarding overtime, your budget or management of the sheriff office's resources including staffing and scheduling?


  1. Well I read Tez post about fearing for her safety because of a blog about kenneth and curtis hogging all the overtime and it reminded me of a story told to me by deceased former sheriff jerry Studdard of talladega co. Seems like he mentioned something about threats and stuff having something to do with him resigning and getting out of town there.

    1. Boy she loaded that post up with some sure enough extra drama. The closer to tuesday we get the bigger the victim and drama will be doubled up on.fear tactics. And no tez everyone that is not supporting gene is not a drug dealer. You close to having a hillary deplorable moment. Need to chill out. Before you take drama to far and say something that destroys mitch campaign.

  2. $32 and $35 an hour for the sheriff's brothers, man the raking in some dough. Tez talked about rolling with something in her post, well I know what is rolling and that is the last name mitchell, the mitchells are seriously rolling in some county money, especially the overtime account.

  3. Gene wanting more money for the sheriff's department, well gene maybe if 65% of your dept wasn't supervisors like colonels, capts and lts and if you wasn't paying all that overtime because you don't know how to do a schedule, then you could add road deputies instead of treating them like trash or the red headed step children of the dept. The road deputies are the ones who should be voting for Max if you want someone who respects the ones who wear the uniform and not ashamed of it (sheriff) and who will get you some help so your not running from call to call non stop with no help from sheriff except running car tags so everyone will think he is doing something, then the employees needs to vote Max Sanders for sheriff for a real leader for the sheriff's department.

  4. How much overtime are you brothers raking in Gene? They are already the highest paid employees of the sheriff's department.

  5. Show me the money, the whole mitchell family is rolling in that tax per county money. Gene mitchell lied about his brothers.