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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Money Money Money

Folks, we can't help but wonder if there will be any money left in the Sheriff's Office when Puckett takes over.  Over the years Sheriff Franklin bought property down south. Where did she find the money for all those upgrades?  We know of $160,000.00 she took out of the inmate food funds?  That money was not put back in the bank she took the money from.  She didn't pay the money back.  She borrowed money from her ex-boyfriend.

We know Franklin is greedy.  According to the bankruptcy court, Franklin purchased items that were never paid for.  At the same time, she expects the bankruptcy court to give back the money she invested in Title Marts.  Money that wasn't hers to invest or borrow in the first place.

Franklin wants everybody to love her and believe in her that; she could not have done the things we said she did on the blog.  Franklin apparently feels as if she is the victim.  The victim of lies and untruths.  The Daily got it wrong, the blog got it wrong, the Feds got it wrong, Judge Thompson got it wrong, got it wrong, nationwide media got it wrong, the New York Times got it wrong, the county got it wrong, and all is right with the world except that where Ana is concerned everybody is wrong but her.

We are not physicians here but somebody is acting delusional.  What did Ana pay the latest PI to go down to Georgia to try to encourage Daniel to change his statement?  What did Ana pay the PI to try to get Daniel to say that Ana had nothing to do with Keylogger software.

Has the PI even read Judge Thompson's ruling?  Was is a whopping 5K, or was it more?  No matter what it was, it was too much.

Which pot of money is Ana paying her bills out of these days?  Oh well! It's just money.  Living high on the hog when the sheriff's office employees are living and working on crumbs.

One of our commenters got it right.  It will take Sheriff Pucket a year or more to build the sheriff's office back up.  We hope he calls for a forensic audit on all accounts once he takes office.  Can you imagine the surprise to the public when they find out what all the real canceled checks will reveal?  Nothing the sheriff does surprise us anymore.


  1. Oh me, 5K to a private investigator? These sheriff's do some crazy things after they get beat. That's right Gene Mitchell, get beat not retire. You choose not to retire - you got beat, so don't be going around playing it up and having retirement party's. You got beat and again you are forced out of office, that is not a retirement. As for the money, I heard from a source at the county commission office that Gene has ordered 6 new tahoes. Spend that money baby! And gene just like you did not retire when you were forced out at dps in 96 this is not a retirement either. Your career will come to a close as defeated!!!

  2. Little short Eugene got beat by someone with zero political experience. It's funny how every time gene gets fired, is forced to resign or gets beat in a political election he and Montez play it up like none of that really happened, gene is retiring. Lmao. These people are living in their own little world in their heads. A fantasie in which the re write history and facts to their advantage, I think it is some funny crap that makes them look so retarded.