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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Looking Back

Folks, during Leon Bradley's hearing in April 2018 Sheriff Franklin was asked by Attorney Tuten if the Drug Task Force maintains files on confidential informants.  Franklin admitted that they do.  When questioned sheriff Ana Franklin said she believed there was a file on Daniel Lockhart (DL) and she thought it was at the sheriff's office but she wasn't sure.  Apparently, they pick and choose which informants to record.  In other words agent's discretion.  According to Franklin sometimes they even video but not most of the time.

So! Where are the recordings and records of DL'S interviewS?  We are not talking about the verbatim documents that Ana's friend prepared.  For that matter where are DL's records.  It may be one of those cases that the dog ate my evidence.

Folks, the sheriff is a piece of work. When asked about Leon Bradley and when the investigation began on him, Franklin went back again with her story of the whistleblower.  Franklin claimed she had received criminal information on the whistleblower for two years.  What criminal information Ana?

Folks, Ana Franklin lied to a judge when she claimed she had been receiving criminal information on the whistleblower for two years.  Franklin was dead set to destroy the whistleblower through lies and slander.  We can honestly say that if Franklin had had anything to use to arrest the whistleblowers she would have done so.  Instead, she lied to a judge and continued to slander the whistleblower.  If Sheriff Franklin had anything criminal to use against the whistleblower she would have had no need to lie and deceive Judge Thompson to obtain her goal.  Had she had "real" criminal activity then it would not be slander.

More later on DL informant records.

Where are the tapes...send in the tapes?  The song Send in the clowns fits these unfit cops who acted like a bunch of clowns.

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