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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Lawrence County financial restraints

Blogger Comments:  Folks, Mr. Mitchell has known for quite some time that every agency is suffering financial restraints but that hasn't kept him from taking inmate food funds for the past 12 or so years.  In his own words, he took home a whopping 80K on an average.  

The only way to stop some of these sheriffs from taking inmate food funds is to vote them out of office.  Lawrence County, Limestone County, Morgan County and all other counties that greedily took inmate food funds.  

Staffing an issue in Lawrence sheriff's race

MOULTON — Max Sanders Sr. and incumbent Gene Mitchell said public safety is their No. 1 priority if they are elected as Lawrence County sheriff on Tuesday. Both candidates also said they realize providing that service continues to be a challenge with the county’s financial restraints.


  1. Gene Mitchell the DEMOCRAT is spending money all of a sudden on the jail. Actually buying stuff like new mats for inmates to sleep on instead of the floor.

    Gene Mitchell is a true DEMOCRAT and has said from his own mouth that he can fool Republicans into voting for him. Don't be fools Lawrence County!

  2. If anyone notices the time stamp this has to be Harold Knighten running max' campaign from his real headquarters 911. The county his paging for a man to run a smear campaign while on the clock. I'm guessing Harold is so ornery because he got arrested and lost all certifications because he could not except the fact that his now ex wife wanted better, wanted someone who could look at her with both eyes not just one