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Monday, November 26, 2018

How many lies

Folks, our contacts told us they knew a jailer that was close to an inmate who recently died.   Our contact told us the jailer complained he had been moved to the courthouse security and he didn't know why.  We believe he is angry over the move and probably has been written up on a few occasions.  Perhaps for stretching the truth.  We did contact him because he told our source a story that apparently wasn't true. he claimed he knew the female inmate and tried to help her.  We won't go into detail because it is sensitive.

We contacted him because he claimed he had a story to tell, or did he? Winston County contact telling all.  You see folks, we would not have known about him without his bragging rights.

The jailer told our contacts out of Winston County different stories.  One must remember that when we hear stories from Winston County from different sources and the stories vary greatly something isn't right.

The moral to the story is this jailer had nothing to do with the inmate except in his own mind.  Maybe he had a sense of false importance and that is why he told the stories he made up in his own mind.

Our biggest question to the jailer is was any of your stories true?  Our hearts go out to Puckett because it appears he doesn't have much to work with.


  1. how many complaints has this employee had?

  2. The jailer is someone Puckett needs to think about. Loyalty, trustworthiness, honor.and honesty. Sounds like the warden is someone Puckett needs to think about as well. Leon Bradley as the Jail Administrator will solve the problems with Ana's warden.

  3. That Is My Concern With Puckett who make a great sheriff, he is inheriting a mess and should be given a pass the first year. It will take at least that long to weed out the troublemakers.