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Monday, November 26, 2018

Have you noticed?

Folks, have you noticed that when something happens such as Franklin is under investigation or a lawsuit, or just about anything else she tries to transfer the issues back on the victim?

Franklin can't help it.  Anything and everything that has happened since Franklin took office hasn't been her fault.  She doesn't take responsibility for anything.  We can not recall an incident that Franklin has admitted that she did something wrong.

Why would the sheriff of a county pay informants to go into a business and take documents then claim there was nothing wrong with it?  She admitted paying the informant, she also asks one of her employees to provide her with surveillance equipment, she lied to a judge to get a warrant and then denied lying to the judge to get the warrant.  She denied knowing anything about Keylogger software, yet outside agencies investigators testified that she discussed getting the results to provide to them.  She claims the whistleblowers are bad and do nothing but lie yet she conspired with others in her office to pay an informant.  Franklin also revealed to a deputy what she planned on doing to the whistleblower a couple of weeks before she followed through with her plan.

Ana tries to turn everything around and claims everybody but her is at fault.

According to Daniel Lockhart, the PI Ana hired wanted him to admit that Ana had nothing to do with the Keylogger software/  It appears that the only person sheriff Ana Franklin is worried about is herself.

How much did Ana pay an Alabama PI to go down to Georgia to try and get Daniel Lockhart to change his mind?  Has the sheriff turned over the audio recordings of her meetings with Daniel?





  1. Will be so glad when the ana nightmare is over, a month and a half to go.

    1. It disgusts me that is she will be able to finish her term out. Spending as much money as she can to deplete sheriffs office funds, the latest on this P.I. she hired. She should be impeached and Sheriff Puckett take over asap.