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Monday, November 5, 2018

Dirty Cops

Folks, we believe it has been clearly proven that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell are dirty.  Real dirty.  They want to cry, deny, and play games acting as if everything that happened in court on April 29, 2018, was nothing but lies.  They want us to believe that the honest law enforcement officers that stood up to their criminal acts and reported them are liars.  Who would you believe?

It is evident that the sheriff and her goons had a criminal intent; that they planned on destroying the whistleblower and Leon Bradley for standing up for what was right.  What is laughable is that they have no clue the amount of information that went across the river.  Not to mention the sweating they should be doing from when the FBI and Steenson stood by a creek one bright sunny day and watched evidence being pulled from the creek.

We can't leave Steven Ziaja out either.  Ziaja made an agreement with the state to rat the dirty boogers out.  We can only imagine what all he has to say about the dirty little secrets.  Our question for Steven is:   are you under investigation by any other agencies? 

The folks around Morgan County no longer believe that anything will ever happen to Ana and her goons.  We still believe. 

Why does the whistleblower keep posting this story?  Because the truth finally came out.

Court ruling slams sheriff, deputies

A judge said Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin, shown in 2017, and one of her deputies "deliberately misled" a court in obtaining search warrants related to a former county jail warden and blogger. [JOHN GODBEY/DECATUR DAILY] John Godbey/Decatur Daily



  1. Then they turn around and sue you for their criminal activity in the first place. Desperate much Ana?