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Monday, November 12, 2018


If our sources are correct, inmate Butler walked off work release last week, and to the best of our knowledge has not been recaptured. We also hear that there is another female inmate that was released by accident who hasn't been recaptured and has racked up 4 additional felonies. We are verifying both incidents. 

1. Where is the news conference Ana to inform Morgan County citizens.
2. Why is this happening so often?
Morgan County has a right to know when an inmate escapes for safety reasons.


  1. LOL. There’s too many to count. Have Ana will travel is down south to much to care.

  2. Some of the inmates from Morgan County who walked away from there jobs shouldn’t have been released for work detail because they are so dangerous. Why hasn’t the public been notified?

  3. They don't release info to the public anymore, it's not about our safety it's about t&t&eir political behind!

  4. Thats she making money for them to be released to work? That would explain why they are letting violent criminals out on work release...all about the money made.

    1. Yes she makes money for them working.

  5. She picks and chooses the info to get out. She held a press conference when Bones shot the innocent Golden Retriever (Aubie) She threatened to sue the owners of Aubie for misleading the public. It should have been a press conference making a public apology and put Bones on leave without pay.

  6. Bones also shot a man on Gumpond Road. Doug Key had been to the mans house a week before Bones but saw no reason to shoot the man. Bones was acquitted but laughed about the shooting in the office.

  7. Everyone knows Ron Puckett will get rid of Bones Blake JP Berzett Livingston and Goodwins so who cares as it all is all but has been news. It has taken way to long for it to happen.