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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A look back at the Bradley hearing April, 2018

Looking back we recall Deputy Dockery mentioning that the sheriff and/or one of her thugs asked for surveillance equipment and Dockery refused to provide those items.  Would that stop someone who is desperate?

We can only wonder what if any steps may have been taken to shut the whistleblowers down.  The fact that the equipment was requested in its self is troubling.   Was the sheriff's office actually conducting an investigation on the whistleblowers?  We also know that Ana told one person who she thought she could trust about her plans to raid the whistleblower's office prior to taking that action. Would it have made a difference?

We know that Ana's attorney sat in on meeting about the raid.  We know that ole Billable jumped up and down during bankruptcy proceedings pertaining to Performance Auto Sales demanding to know the name of the whistleblowers.

Call us anytime our tools are computers.

We have a lot of folks who think the gif's take away from the message.  Maybe for some but for us who have lived through the antics, it's kind of a release that gives us an opportunity to walk away from the seriousness of what has happened.

One thing we know for sure it that the Keylogger Software exists.  If you would place Keylogger software on computers or have it done what else would you do? 

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  1. They can not testify in court. They are falling off like flies. They are criminals that are about to be held accountable and they take credit for everyone else’s hard work like the Decatur Daily story. Ana still using Media and anything she can to spin the story. Sadly, it seems she will finish her term. It does pay to be a criminal.