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Thursday, October 25, 2018

When a man loves a woman

Blogger Comments:  Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin must be reeling over Steven Ziaja's plea deal.  Ana thought she dumped Steven.  Look who has the last laugh now, Ana.  

Many of us have loved and lost.  Lost so deeply that you think you will die of a broken heart.  It takes a long time to get over that loss.  What is sad is that you give that person everything you have to give.  You give your love, your emotions, and sometimes everything you own to include your money and inheritance.  You believe that your love and devotion is reciprocated and will last a lifetime.  Then the person you love so deeply that you would die for finds another.  You are so heartbroken that you honestly believe that you will die from a broken heart.

You are tossed out into the rain.  Your friends and acquaintances lost all respect for you.  Your friends tried to warn you but you turned on them.  This is what we believe happened to Ziaja.  He was warned but he was so deeply in love with Ana he couldn't see what was about to happen to him.  

Lord, we saw it written about it but still Ziaja loved him some Ana.  

Ziaja was arrested, arrested for things he and others did.  He lost your job.  He can never work in law enforcement again.  But! He did (is doing) the right thing.  He ratted his ex-lover out.  Ana hated Steven so bad she wanted to run over him and pop his head like a watermelon underneath a bush hog.  (That's a quote, by the way.)  Ziaja asked to be confined in Cullman County.  Good move.

Whistleblower, you are a liar that never happened.  Everything you say on the blog is a lie.  Really!  Ana talks too much.  She hated Ziaja, she hated Ray Long, Bili, Livingston, and Corley, some of then she planned on getting rid of when she was elected 2018.

Look who's worried now?

This one's for you, Steven.


  1. Sounds like Booger finally got his voice...he should be squealing like a pig soon.

  2. What is really sad is, Booger was a lovable, likeable guy. He was the good guy, you really liked being around him. He was a jokester, fun.......until her got with Ana. He started doing things "unethically" as a police officer, at her request. His old friends didn't matter any more. All that mattered was what his queen wanted. He lost a lot of friends and a lot of respect when he started going with Ana. I think his eyes have been open for a while but a long while too late. He's paying now.

  3. Who is the target(s) at Wall Mart Distribution and why all the interest there all the sudden?

  4. They are doing their own thing despite each other now. Ana now has zero control over Bone Blake Livingston and Berzett. They all acted independently of each other on their own. Ana can not be blamed for that. Why all the interest in Cullman? Booger is there serving a few days when not rolling on Ana and gang. Who is at Walmart Distribution?