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Sunday, October 7, 2018

What's next?

Will disclosure of the 49 sheriffs who took inmate food funds ever be revealed?  The state and counties claim they need money for jail expansions, and new prisons, and new this or that yet we can't even get the state or the legislature to look at the get rich schemes some of these sheriffs have pulled.  Entrekin is now up to using $922,000 in inmate food funds, Sheriff Gene Mitchell could have gotten even more, and Sheriff Ana Franklin has probably taken twice the amount of Mitchell and Entrekin.  Millions of dollars have gone into the sheriff's pockets because we have antiquated laws that allow sheriffs to take inmate funds legally.

What is wrong with our state that allows politicians to use state funds as if they belong to them.  We sent a copy of the Morgan County Sheriffs Office books to the state well over a month ago.  The one Billable Barney Lovelace provided us prior to the 2014 primary election.  We ask questions about how the state could have audited that account with what we were provided since we did not get check numbers that reflects the sequence of checks written.  To date we have not gotten a response.

Could it be that the books we received are not the same books that Ana gave the auditor?  Who knows?  However, a response back would be nice.


  1. If Appleseed sued so long ago why hasn't it made it inside a courtroom. Because this is power we are talking about. It might I repeat it might make it to a courtroom after the election but these sheriff's will fight with all they got because it is career ending. Every single sheriff who made publi: all the money they have made has lost their office. For example Lawrence co. Sheriff Gene Mitchell said in the newspaper he is breaking even, ok if records are released and let's say he has made a modest half a million over 12 years, then that would mean he lied to lawrence county voters over a half million dollars. To be honest there is not a sheriff out there who would not be glad to show and tell if they really were losing or breaking even. The ones who want show are the ones making a profit.

  2. Chief Deputy Kenneth Mitchell, sheriff what does he do for 8 hours a day plus all the overtime he rakes in? What are his official duties sheriff? Why does he drive a car home? In 12 years how many times has he been called out after hours and responded in his county vehicle? Is the answer like zero or maybe two at the most, aren't we basicly providing him transportation to and from work, why can't secretaries and jailers have a car. I thought the purpose of having a take home car is so they can respond from home after hours. Week if he never comes out he doesn't need a car to drive back and forth home. Or anyone else for that matter. I believe this is a waste of tax payer money, the take home car program was not set up for every employee to be furished public transportation. Especially when they have no duties or responsibilities.