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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

To Tell The Truth

Blogger Comments:  Decatur Daily Article, dtd April 27, 2018.  It says it all yet some want to moan, groan, and cry over the ruling.  We can't understand why there are so many crybaby hollerers when every opportunity is given to those who cry foul to dispute the ruling.  We believe it's because the truth is hard to swallow.  Not even a spoon full of sugar could make the medicine go down any easier.

It appears that Ana and her deputies opened their mouths and inserted their feet.  We were pretty amazed by all the testimony that came out during the case.  Whatever the case we want to say thank you.  Thank you very much for telling the truth.

The real trick is how the whistleblower suckered all of the judges, law enforcement, outside agencies into believing her without conducting their own investigation.  We can tell you how.  It didn't happen but that has never stopped Ana before.  Aint no more boohooing, Sheriff, fess up.

Court ruling slams sheriff, deputies

— or 256-340-2435. Twitter @DD_Fleischauer.

A Judge said Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin, shown in 2017, and one of her deputies "deliberately misled" a court in obtaining search warrants related to a former county jail warden and blogger. [JOHN GODBEY/DECATUR DAILY]


  1. Ana and her band of lying sorry goons and wanna be folks she brought in have proven to be worthless dishonest thugs who can’t even testify truthfully in court and hide behind the 5 th because of their greed fueled criminal activity. What a complete embarrassment and Ana won’t stop. Her own family is embarrassed and hangs their head in shame over Ana and her complete ignorance and refusal to deal with reality and truth. So sad for so many. How did such a moron criminal ever get to be Sheriff and so many look the other way while she became such a low life thief? Worse than anyone she put in jail as she took an oath to uphold the law which she purposefully and completely shattered and to ignorant to know it or foolish enough to think she could lie enough to get away with it as she threw her massive weight around. She will fight it all the way. She will loose all like she stole from so many. Retirement gone. And she like Steven Ziaja will never be in law Enforcement again. Berzetts, Livingston, Goodwins, Bones, Whittle, Blake, JP, and more need to try to run and leave like others have. It won’t help but maybe their scurry like roaches about to be stomped might get their blood flowing to their grey matter enough to realize their own actions have caused them to screw themselves as they assisted, went along with, facilitated, and participated in Ana and her lies and deceit. And some even got the romp on with her. Ask Jodie about that little bit as Bones screwed her over. Scurry away and be burden to a jail warden somewhere other than Morgan County while incarcerated. Your dishonest arrogance has become your undoing people. Time for accountability. The election is upon us and the gates will open wide after that won’t they? Still want a war with the FBI Blake. Reading about and hearing how you coward in front of the FBI it’s obvious you are not a man of your word and an arrogant ass who had an ego much bigger than you had brains to or ability to back up. Can’t testify for crap. And you think your a real deputy or supervisor? Aubie is missed more than Bones will be. Cowboy was more a joke than a real influence and no one has ever had much respect for him or his sidekick Livingston. Neither have ever arrested anyone in the lifetime of the vast majority of the other employees. Wanna be possers allowing others to do the same. Ana just needs to do do more dope and alcohol to deal with the stress so she might get rehab to stay out of jail. She may actually have an argument for mental defect that could help her. And where is poor Billable Barney? Is he trying to slither under the radar? Loosing weight prior to serving time is a good thing. Big appetite in jail is never a good thing. The entire Sheriffs Office is standing against these imbeciles but their arrogance and foolishness won’t allow them to see reality. They have gone to far to stop and deal with the truth. Sad sad sad! To tell the truth they are unable and incapable of doing so even if they wanted to. Lost in their own lies.

  2. Nothing new, it’s been going on since Ana was a bar maid and a dope dealer. Her daughter is an addict and Steven saved her from an arrest when all the rest in the house were arrested for possession and or loitering. People don’t know a fraction of the truth. Ana is a fraud. Ana will y’all the paints off anyone even still and for a little dope they will all take them off. People are blind to the truth and don’t want to see it. Some of us escape and clean up, others never escape it. Most end up like them facing jail if not dead from overdose. Some like them jail likely won’t even fix them.

  3. Karma has hit and hit hard!