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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Strange no not Luther - Gene Mitchell Again

Blogger Comments:  Folks, has our source for this information reported this possible concern to the Ethics Commission?  If not, they should.

Coffey brothers construction in Moulton, “won” the contract to build the work release center. Looky who is one of his best campaign contributors.


  1. Oh my goodness! So his biggest campaign contributor is part of Coffey Brothers and Coffey Brothers was the ONLY bid submitted and awarded to build the work release center. Does anyone else smell something???

    1. We are suffocating in smoke, there has to be some fire here somewhere.

  2. What does work release building and 100 pounds of Marijuana on Hwy 157 have in common? Anyone?

  3. Gene, did you campaign all weekend in that county owned black tahoe? You know blakely is got issues with ethics commission. You a small fish in blakely big pond. Ethics, ethics, ethics! I know today is a holiday but maybe you and the mitchell clan need come on in even if it costs us overtime (lol) so you all can make sure your deputies do not go out in the field unprepared to protect themselves and the citizens of lawrence county.