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Monday, October 22, 2018

Steven Ziaja back in court this week - Did the whistleblower destroy Sheriff Ana Franklin's good name

Folks, Steven Ziaja will be back in court this week facing multiple felony counts for his actions involving Performance Auto Sales.  Greg Steenson part owner of Performance Auto Sales is also facing multiple felonies for his actions involving Performance Auto Sales.  Ziaja was initially charged with 12 felony counts and three more was recently added.  Steven Ziaja is the ex-boyfriend of sheriff Ana Franklin.  Franklin apparently blamed Ziaja for her involvement.  Strange very Strange.

We apologize in advance for this long blog but get used to it; more are coming.  The blogger is a liar and everything she says on the blog is a lie or is it?  

Alabama ABC agent indicted on 12 felonies, including use of position for personal gain

An Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control agent has been indicted on 12 felony charges, including allegations of using his state law enforcement position for personal gain.

Steven Wrea Ziaja was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on Tuesday before being released on $30,000 bail, court documents show. The 39-year-old from Morgan County has worked as an ABC agent employed by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.
The indictments, made public today, accuse Ziaja of obtaining multiple people's personal information from the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center using state computers. The Center's database includes information from the National Crime Information Center, also known as NCIC. The information is available to law enforcement for investigative and official business purposes.
Ziaja is charged with 11 felony counts of computer tampering and one count of using his law enforcement position for personal gain. Court documents allege he used his position "to obtain personal gain for himself, a family member or a business with which he was associated." Records don't identify what the gain was or what it relates to. Ziaja hung up the phone when contacted him for comment.
The indictments against Ziaja were issued in Montgomery County Circuit Court. Indictments are issued when a grand jury determines prosecutors have enough evidence to formally charge a defendant and send the case to trial. The Alabama Attorney General's Office is prosecuting the case, which was investigated by ALEA special agents.
Each of the computer tampering charges is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The use of office for personal gain charge carries a sentence up to 20 years in prison. A booking photograph of Ziaja and further details about the case weren't immediately available.

On January 9, 2015 Ziaja loaned the dealership more money.
On March 27, 2015, Ziaja loaned the Title Marts another $20,000.00.  

 This Promissory Note for $200,000.00 appears to have been signed by Harold Jeffreys.  Hum!!

The October 17, 2015 Promissory Note for $526,000.00 appears to be signed by Greg Steenson and Ben Jeffreys

Sheriff Franklin either invested or loaned Performance Auto Sales $150,000.00 dollars.  Franklin lied multiple times about where she got the money to invest until she finally was forced to tell the truth.  Franklin wrote two COUNTER CHECKS from the Inmate Food Funds account.  One was 150K the other check was for 10K.  Priceville Partners also wrote Sheriff Franklin a $15,000.00 check for a truck which Ana deposited.

Lies all lies! Sheriff Ana Franklin never took money that she wasn't authorized to take.  Really?  Sheriff Ana Franklin was held in contempt of court for taking inmate food funds that were protected under a Federal Consent Decree.  The same decree that Greg Bartlett went to jail for.  Franklin claimed that she was not aware that the consent decree was meant for her as well as Bartlett.  Franklin asked for and received an opinion from Attorney Bill Shinn prior to taking office that she was not authorized to use inmate food funds for anything other than feeding the inmates.

Cousin Greg Steenson, another upstanding pillar of the community, is sitting in jail in Morgan County with a revoked bond.  Cousin Greg is a convicted felon who went to Federal Prison on a kiting scheme a few years ago.  Greg Steenson, a known felon, yet boyfriend Steven Ziaja and girlfriend Sheriff Ana Franklin did not know better than to get involved with Steenson.  Didn't Franklin claim she knew Steenson but did not know about his past and she didn't know that he was part owner of Performance Auto Sales?

Strange very Strange.  


  1. Ziaja plead guilty and received the following: 2 months in jail, 3 months probation and he has to give up his law enforcement certification. One down and more to go. Ready Ana?