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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

So You think You Know Ana

Folks, we know that Ana has been in the news almost every day for over seven years and you'd think you'd know everything about her.  Well, let's see.  We have a little quiz to test your knowledge of our lawbreaker-in-chief.  Here we go......

1.  What is Ana's favorite movie?
2.  What is her favorite color?
3.  What is her least favorite color?
4.  What is her favorite river?
5.  What is her favorite musical instrument?
6.  What is her favorite Amendment?
7.  What is her least favorite Amendment?
8.  What are the odds she listed all of the money she took for the inmate funds on her Form 1040?
9.  What was in the note she passed to VP Pence?
10.  What politician is going to be her savior?

1.  Catch Me If You Can
2.. Green (the color of money)
3.  Orange
4.  Da Nile
5.  The lyre
6.  The 5th (30+ times)
7.  The 1st (freedom of speech)
8.  1 : infinity
9.  "Help me help me there's a crazy  woman trying to kilt me and de feds won't hep me"
10.  Big!  Who's left?

1 comment:

  1. Meanwhile, waiting by the phone, waiting for the call with a caller ID showing "THE WHITE HOUSE".
    Take a deep breath and hold it, Ana.