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Monday, October 22, 2018

Questions for Ana - Hard Working Dedicated Sheriff - Salt of the Earth

Blogger Comments:  The whistleblower was never good at mathematics but dang this one does not calculate.  Ana invested, loaned, or whatever in the Performance Auto Sales dealership $150,000.00.  She claimed she got the money from Steven Ziaja to pay the loan back to the inmate food funds.  So how does the Bankruptcy court owe Franklin $135,000.00?  In addition, according to the Bankruptcy court Ana owes approximately 50K for items she received that does not show a record of payment.  There seems to be something wrong with that picture.

Does Sheriff Ana Franklin believe the whistleblower is the one who destroyed her "GOOD NAME"?


  1. According to Ana, defamation means: to sue someone who uncovers and exposes HER corruption.

  2. Sounds about like Lawrence County, Gene Mitchell over here crying like a little short baby calling his own words personal and smear tactics. you read it right, he is calling his own words and actions personal attacks and smear tactics. He lied and it is someone else's fault. so pitiful. He is Mr. Victim.