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Monday, October 29, 2018

Morgan County is getting a new sheriff - Lawrence County wants one

Blogger Comments  Folks, Gene Mitchell mad a commitment to the people of Lawrence County back in 2007.  Sounds like he lied. Excerpts from the Decatur Daily is as follows:

"New sheriff won't make brother chief deputy  
The Decatur Daily, January 17, 2007.  Kristen Bishop.
MOULTON — The new Lawrence County sheriff squelched rumors of possible nepotism on his first day in office.

Sheriff Gene Mitchell said he has no plans to hire his brothers, retired Moulton police officers."   

Comments from Lawrence County:

Are my eyes deceiving me? But the sheriff said he would not hire his brothers.    But he did hire his brothers both of them. 

This is Chief Deputy Colonel Kenneth Mitchell the sheriff's brother. Kenneth who uses the call sign LR-2 also operates out of what has been the chief deputy's office since 1998 when the new jail opened. He parks where the chief deputy has parked since 1998 but the sheriff will tell you he is not a chief deputy but a colonel. Ok, what is the difference? see it is all about words, it doesn't matter that he is really the chief deputy as long as we call him colonel. 

Gene Mitchell denied throughout the 2006 campaign that he would hire his brothers or that Kenneth would be chief deputy even though Kenneth was telling anyone who would listen that he was going to be the Chief Deputy. Kenneth Mitchell like his brother Curtis did take the oath of office on the first day but was not placed on the county payroll till February 2007 a month after Sheriff Mitchell said he won't make brother chief deputy. For such a high rank and pay grade, what exactly are Kenneth Mitchell's duties and responsibilities? 

Top two positions and top two highest paid positions of Chief Deputy and Captain are held by the sheriff's brothers.  As the law reads on Nepotism this would be a clear violation of the law, it is also a violation of the County personnel handbook.

Is Gene Mitchell in violation of the County rules and regulations in the County handbook? specifically, Rule 1.2.1 Nepotism? 
Is Gene Mitchell in violation of Alabama Code 41-1-5? Brother is within the fourth degree  

Chief Deputy / Colonel pay according to the Lawrence County Commission: $23.24 per hour.

Gene Mitchell will jump up and down about this but I ask him to point out one single thing that is not true.

Chief Deputy Colonel Kenneth Mitchell.

Chief Deputy Kenneth Mitchell, below, Sheriffs brother, playing solitaire? It is what he does best and everyone at S.O. knows it.

Colonel Mitchell in the Chief Deputy's Office.


  1. Well DEMOCRAT Gene Mitchell, pictures don't lie! Pictures and a newspaper article, looks like you have been exposed. Even your silver tongue cant get you out of this Web you have weaved.

  2. Isn’t Mike Agee chief deputy?

    1. Chief jailer! Ask anyone who works or has worked at s.o. for last 12 years they will tell you. But you are missing point "the lie" he said they would not be hired.

  3. Just seen Genes ad. First he says the hell with the democratic party, every man for himself. Naw that is how he really wants people to vote, remember he gave money to a republican john merrill and lied about it.

  4. GeNE says he was born and raised in lawrence county, well from time he turned 21 he left lawrence county and spent 25 years in that swamp of Montgomery politics, even had a house in Montgomery. Max is more lawrence county than gene ever will be. Before he ran for sheriff no one never seen Gene, they did all their business in russellville, even had 33 or franklin county tags on their vehicles, remember gene? Max been involved in the community and work here for forty years.

  5. Folks just so you know in his ad he says he is showing people how to vote straight republican and him also because you have asked, no has asked. This is something he wanted to do but he had to write or say it like he was responding to us, all BS. Political talk, no one asking he just ed wanted to get this out there. Also on here is proof he is in violation of county policy hiring family for last 12 years.

  6. Genes latest campaign literature instructs people to vote a straight republican ticket, I bet john merrill is happy with that, at the same time I bet the LC democratic party is having a damn cow! Lol, gene don't give a shit about the party, he's looking out for gene and all the brothers on the county pay roll.

  7. Chief deputy colonel kenneth mitchell, is he the one who arrested commissioner Mose Jones Jr at mose house and let him sign his bond at home without being processed a or treated like everyone who is arrested?

  8. I think something is up. Why is Montez completely running Gene campaign? Is gene not able to run his campaign? Why are they limiting and controlling gene contact with the public? Is there something that we the voters need to be concerned with? I mean tez has taken over this whole operation including spokesperson, I was just wondering if gene is ok? Or what is the reason for this?

    1. Sheriff Mitchell is busy with being the Sheriff right now and running a department. Which is a full time job, and I don't mean a 40 hour a week job I mean a 24/7 job. So I can see where Tez would step in and run the campaign, she knows the man best and what he would expect. I believe Gene is just fine, he's just taking care of business.

  9. We had been in a little bit of a dry spell on arrests in lawrence county over the last several months but we seem to be getting our groove back two and a half weeks from election. Day. Gene turning them loose, got get some arrests before next Tuesday and get them in the paper, this is a politician at work not a law enforcement officer.

  10. Okay lets talk about the sheriff of lawrence county.he has done more for this county then any sheriff has ever done.... I can remember a few years ago there was a man lost out in the woods in bankhead for 3 days sheriff gene Mitchell was there every day till he was found safe.Shriff Gene Mitchell is not in the loop with moulton city thats why they want to vote him out so everything can stay behind closed doors.