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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mitchell is arguing on FB? Figures...

Blogger Comments:  Seems as if Sheriff Gene Mitchell of Lawrence County is busy reading FB.  It appears he can't handle criticism.  Why would Lawrence County have a need for seven investigators?  How are the investigators associated with Sheriff Mitchell, are they friends, family, or foe?  

Fear and Intimidation, silencing your critics. Also, Mitchell confirms he has 7 investigators.
Sheriff Gene Mitchell pulling a Maxine Waters move in trying to silence those who might publicly disagree with him. Mrs. Blaxton simply poster her opinion after watching a video and commented about a particular investigator who I might add obtained the confession of the murder in Lawrence County but also murders all across the country. Did not mention Sheriff Mitchell or this Investigator or single them out.  Because I guess Gene Mitchell's name wasn't mentioned. They proceed to talk to one another on her page, I guess like anyone else no one wants to be at odds with law enforcement, I guess out of fear of retaliation she says she will delete the post, after repeatedly apologizing. I guess she is not entitled to have her own opinion on her own private page.  Sheriff and investigators should have more important things to worry about than facebook trolling.  This is just sad.  

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