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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Marshall County Again

Blogger Comments:  Folks when is all the madness going to end with incompetent sheriffs?  We also heard that during a jail brawl a few weeks back that Sheriff Wall got in his truck and left the scene.  When is the State going to start investigations into some of the BS that is going on in the jails and in the sheriff's office?  The sheriffs are supposed to be in control of their offices and the jails but dang they are the ones that should be imprisoned.   

Marshall County corrections officer arrested for possession of drugs


  1. That's why these folks needs to be voted out they get in there a couple of terms and think they are God. Got the cit>zens scared of them, illegal crap going on. After 2 or 3 terms at the most, vote them out!

    1. They want leave on their own because they and their family are getting rish off the tax payer.