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Monday, October 29, 2018

Looks Like Blake Robinson is in. For Sheriff Gene Mitchell that is.

Blogger Comments:  Lord.   Gene just lost our vote.  That is if we had one in Lawrence County.


  1. This is the fake facebook lawrence county scanner poll that gene went crazy over like it was a government sanctioned poll, lmao.

  2. It amazes me that Mitchell's opponent was able to hack FB to make that poll read the way he wanted it to. According to FB's own employees they have censored conservatives/Republicans. If FB was going to allow a fake poll to happen it would be in the Democrats favor. Guess no one reads the news in Lawrence County. Sounds like a bunch of butthurt Gene supporters are making up fake stories about what is really happening. Isn't that called a "cover up"? Heard rumors that Mitchell has been involved in a few of those.

  3. Your right, the poll was completely accurate, gene campaign is in such despair. That he and Montez result to a 10 min read facebook post over a lawrence county scanner facebook poll calling it fake news and a conspiracy to destroy eugene campaign, so silly! Just gene mitchell montgomery politics.