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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Get Out And Vote

Folks, I have always supported Mo Brooks.  I still do.  Thank you, Mr. Brooks, for your service as a true representative of our state.

Joffrion, Brooks agree on little in race for US House seat

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  1. The Decatur tabloid is very much like other democrat pushing tabloids. If Ana Franklin was a Democrat they would not report on her criminal activity.
    Sadly Ana and gang are a prime example of what is wrong with Republicans.
    Get out and vote Republican because it is by far our best chance to drain the swamp of criminals on both sides of the fence. MAGA with integrity. Get out and vote and vote republican to stop the criminals like liar Ana and could be twin Hilary Clinton. Time for them and the Soros of the world to be silenced. Jail cells will do just fine.