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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Excerps from Gene Mitchell FB

Blogger Comments:  Folks we are proud to be the morgancountywhistleblower but we also advocate how wrong it is to take inmate food funds especially when Sheriff Gene Mitchell promised not to do so.  We believe Mitchell knew better than to take the inmate food funds, that is if he knew how to research State Attorney General Legal Opinions.  Oh well!  Ignorance must be bliss.  Sure seems to be with 49 other sheriffs refusing to release their records.  We can't leave Sheriff Ana Franklin out of the scenario.  We believe she has taken as much money as Mitchell and Entrikin, maybe more.  

We are entering the long stretch. This is where stories get told with a twist, a statement gets picked apart and Facebook can become a sparring match. Again we ask our supporters to ignore the bait. Take the high road. My record is well known by the citizens of Lawrence County. We simply ask you to stay the course and help us get the vote out on Nov. 6. Thank you for your support, your prayers and your help. Gene Mitchell


  1. Picking apart of a not-so-clean Gene statement is like picking the fly specks out of the the black pepper. Necessary to dig out the truth but it sure gets your hands dirty.

    1. I think computers have caught up with not-so-clean Gene, he is running a 1960's campaign.

  2. He knows and knew he is not suppose to take it, that's why 3 months before before election day in 2006, that's right folks 2006 he said he wouldn't take the jail food money, this proves he knew better or he would not have made that statement, he even further showed he knew the law by saying he did NOT take it in early 1970's at Talladega. He lied to the people of Lawrence County.

  3. As we are now seeing almost daily, that record is a record of you Mr. Mitchell lying to the people of lawrence county over and over. Which leads to the question, what else have you not been truthful with us about? Lies, lies and more lies

  4. Well Gene we another day closer to - is it #78 or #79 birthday that is just around then corner? I will not take left over jail food money, should go into the county treasury, you lied again Mr. Mitchell.

  5. Cry baby cry, boo hoo, boo hoo, stop taking my words and my actions and using them against me , boo hoo, cry baby cry, SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! QUIT BE A BIG CRY BABY, NO ONE LIKES A CRY BABY. Eugene Mitchell.