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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Entrekin Again ...or Not Just Yet

Folks, everything is fluid these days.  Yesterday's hot flash is today's old news.  The commission is dropping the case after all.  We will probably never know why but as Hillary said:  at this point in time, what does it matter?  There are other agencies looking into soon-to-be-former Sheriff Entrikin as the man himself said in a recent statement.  Several others.  Be not dismayed, sisters and brethren, his time will come.

Alabama Ethics Commission drops case against 'Beach House Sheriff'

The Alabama Ethics Commission voted on Tuesday to drop an ethics violation case against Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin.
Thomas Albritton, the commission's executive director, confirmed the move in an email to Wednesday morning.
"Yesterday, the Commission determined that there was insufficient evidence of a violation of the Ethics Act by Sheriff Entrekin to warrant referral to either [Attorney General Steve Marshall] or the appropriate District Attorney and dismissed a pending case against him unanimously," Albritton said.
"Of course, under the Act both of those offices have the ability to separately investigate the issues [that] made the basis of that complaint if they so choose."
The Etowah County Sheriff's Office did not immediately return a request for comment Wednesday morning.
Asked for details about the case against Entrekin, Albritton said that it was "related to food accounts."


  1. What in the hell is happening? Are all these crooked sheriffs going to get off from all the monies they have stolen from taxpayers? Maybe the food bill legally, (not for long) but NOT morally, for them to starve inmates just to fatten their pockets. But what about all the other sheriffs office accounts they have stolen from....Ana?

    1. I agree with you 100% but they are not violating the law. The end game here is to put the heat on the legislators, they are the only ones that can fix this mess and the Governor sign it. The key is to not let the legislature run from this as soon as the elections are over, hold their feet to the fire.