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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Do you believe in conspiracy?

Blogger Comments:  Folks do you really believe the whistleblower would accuse Sheriff Ana Franklin in an assassination plot?  That is the dumbest thing we have ever heard.  We do not respect the sheriff and yes we believe she disgraced the entire Alabama Sheriffs Association and all sheriffs as a whole when she slipped VP Pence a note for the entire world to see.  We also believe that her motives were desperation.  

Apparently, the sheriff and her followers are not avid readers of the news and such or they would know that you get a lot of conspiracy theories.  We would have expected a visit from the secret service had something like that occurred. No visit yet Ana.

Morgan County sheriff says blogger falsely accused her of Trump assassination plot


  1. You didn't get a visit from the ss, because its bs! Why would you make threats or do the things Ana accuses you of? When you've gone about this whole thing lawfully? When you've reached out to law enforcement and do like any good citizen that sees something wrong and tries to handle it properly. Most people see this and understand it. You have put your rear end out there...don't you think if you were doing what she accuses you of...they would have known. The only one that believes this crap is the one making it up. Ana, grab a clue, you look stupid.

  2. The only assassination plots going on within Morgan County is when they are planning a raid on a home with pets and Bones Wilson is involved.


  3. Both ex boyfriends Booger and Charlie have been arrested and soon Ana and gang will join that crowd. Criminals on their way out of law enforcement for ever. Felons can’t have guns so dogs will be safe around Bones again. Took way to long to have this happen. Sheriffs Office has all but been destroyed. Lots of fixing to be done without the criminal command staff currently there that Ana put there. Criminals surrounded themselves with other criminals.

    1. What makes you think Charlie is an ex?

  4. Why all the questions and hanging around by Morgan County people in Cullman?

  5. Amazing how little people care about those who made the stand for what’s right and sacrifices that were made to cause these criminals to be held accountable. You would think more would be there but they will come back around to celebrate the victory when it’s had like they were by your side all along. November elections will be the the turning point for so many involved in this. No matter what has happened and will happen, I hope the best for all involved as they are finally held accountable. Be the one who makes a difference not just a spectator.