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Monday, October 15, 2018

Desperate, Sick, Cocky, Washed Up Sheriff

Blogger Comments:  Folks even after Judge Thompson ruled that Sheriff Franklin and her sidekicks acted illegally in obtaining warrants for Leon Bradley's house and the whistleblower's office, Ana is still trying her best to catch the whistleblowers at something.  Folks, Sheriff Franklin is a desperate woman.  She appears to be a sick cookie, cocky, and washed up sheriff still trying to make a point.  We get it, Ana.  You know you are going down but you are desperate to show that the whistleblowers did something illegal, unethical, or immoral.  Damn!  When will you stop?  Unfortunately, as long as you breathe a free breath and have not been incarcerated, you will continue your sick charade.  Ana is still trying to sink the whistleblower.  How low will she go?  The issues with the DOL are still up in the air but we believe that Ana will stop at nothing to ensure that her accusers will go down with her.  

This is the same desperate Sheriff Ana Franklin who handed a note off to VP Pence.  Most likely begging someone to help her because the local state and FBI offices failed to protect her from a 61-year-old 5' woman, who weighs approximately 120 lbs.  Ana, desperation does not become you.  One more comment follows this article.

Judge finds Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin, 2 investigators broke the law, misled the court


  1. What a hot mess. These folks screw up then feel like they have to tear down the ones who expose their currupt behavior. They need to read the constitution it is our duty to expose these suspicious activities.

  2. She will do all she can to manipulate anyone she can to take her revenge. And as a free woman like she is, everyone who did not help her or stood against her needs to know this and hold on for her destructive vengeance.

  3. I hope sheriff puckett restores professionalism to the sheriff's office.

    1. Yeah he needs to change out the entire command staff to begin a new. Plus weed out any bad apple subordinates.