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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Democrat - Republican

Folks with all the news floating around out there it is obvious that dirty politicians come in red and blue.  That is to say red states and blue states.  In Alabama, our sheriffs have made it clear that they will take hundreds of thousands of inmate food funds and that goes for democrat or republican.  Gene Mitchell the Democrat, Franklin the Republican, and Sheriff Blakely Democrat.  At least Blakely requested a legal opinion and stopped taking inmate food funds after approximately 17 terms.  My Lord, how much money could one sheriff take in 17 years.

We in Morgan County have an opportunity to change the tide this year and stop the abuse of inmate food funds.  Honestly, we do not believe we need it with the new sheriff but we must continue to fight across the state to stop sheriffs from taking inmate food funds.  We are talking about millions of dollars.

We have heard stories about some sheriffs growing gardens for inmate food. Then hiring unscrupulous computer services, and selling other sheriffs things that they shouldn't.  Very Strange.  We believe a time is coming.  Your time is November 6th.  Vote YES on the Amendment that requires that all money allocated for inmate food be spent on inmate food only.


  1. Either Gene Mitchell is ignorant and does not know the law or he lied. He said in the decatur daily in September 2006 he would NOT keep left over food money, well he has kept the money for 12 years. Now he says well he kept it because the law said he could, well did he know or not know what the law was in 2006? Or did he know he could keep it and said that to get elected knowing the whole time he intended to keep the money. I think it was the latter. He knew exactly what he was doing and lied to the people of lawrence county.

  2. Gene mitchell also said he would only serve one term (lie), would not hire his brothers, (lie) hired both one as colonel/chief deputy and the other a captain. Also said he did not donate to john merrill campaign (lie). People of lawrence county need to wake up.

  3. Get rid of the old fart...Retire already

  4. Gene is only 78? He will only be 82 years old at the end of another term and that is not an issue because he already says he will run for a fifth term in 2022.

  5. People who want to see change have a choice. Vote...

  6. And a note to the people prosecuting...don't arrest law enforcement officers and let them live life, work at their many other people would get a sweet deal such as Ziaja?

    1. I think the only reason Ziaja got a good deal, is because he is spilling all the beans on his co-conspirators. Good Bye Ana, that is all we care about. I hope you don't make it till the 3rd week in January, you need to be impeached, you are crooked as hell. He better tell it all with that kind of deal.