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Monday, October 29, 2018

Criminal Investigation - Lies All Lies

Blogger Comments:  Folks, this is a must-read.  Please watch the video.  It's an oldie-goldie but it demonstrates her disorganized thought process as she fumbles through a stream-of-consciousness explanation of how/why the MCSO raided our business and Warden Bradley's home.
It's just BS.  We believe that Ana was mad because she thought we were interfering with her bid for reelection.   That was not our intent; it turned out to be the result.

Franklin claims Lockhart is under criminal investigation.  Lies.  Criminal claims against the sheriff's office are false.  The statements made against Ms. Lockharts grandson are false.  The end result will show the truth.  Sheriff says "we have rules" on what we can do and say.  Really!  

Glenda Lockhart is a suspect in a criminal investigation.  She rode this dead horse for almost two years before she was forced to admit it was false. 

Allegations made against the sheriff's office are false.  Really Ana? Spell them out.

Ana's investigation continues.  Was that Blake's unauthorized investigation?  What investigation and who?  Ana claims that all criminal allegations against the sheriff's office were false?  Really Ana?  On her side, she must follow the law?  That is Ana's law.  Ana also claims that many of Daniel Lockhart's claims are false.  Really, Ana which ones?  Ana states "our side" must tell the truth, implying that her critics are allowed to lie?   Can anyone say "Fake News"? 

Judge Thompson made it clear Sheriff Ana Franklin's raid of our office was illegal.  Now what?  Ana's search warrant was approved under nothing but lies.

Ana says this is a complicated case.  She was damn right.  It was illegal. 

Ana says we can use our First Amendment Rights, that is until we can't.  Ana claims that the whistleblower broke the law but she can' say which ones.   It was not until her personal agenda, hatefulness, agenda, did she feel threatened.   "She tried to take my office down and tried to take me down.   Evidence will show that Lockhart did this."  So far, it hasn't.  It had nothing to do with the election until it did. 

Ana could not stand it because the whistleblowers caught her red handed.  My goodness, she even made the statement that she may not run for reelection but "Glenda Lockhart" will pay. 

It appears that in the live feed Ana states what she received before the warrant to get the warrant.  Ana collected information prior to obtaining the warrant to get the warrant.  It appears that Ana would not know the law if it was standing right in front of us.

We are firm believers that Franklin violated our First Amendment Rights and was proud of it.  Our opinion is that Sheriff Franklin believed herself to be above the law not a part of the law.

Looks who's crying now.   Foul that is.


  1. I think its funny that ol Flaky Blake blames whistle blowers for his wife thanking he is cheating and causing trouble in his marriage...ha i don't know them personally but a friend goes to church with his wife and said they have been having trouble for a long time i was told he was a manipulater and is good at makeing her feel like she is crazy. They have had marriage trouble for a few years now i would dought he ist cheating with Anna.....

  2. When this Sheriffs lips are moving they are spewing lies

  3. Lordy so much corruption in Morgan Co. I have my own ro deal with also, and of course these folks are good at one thing! Covering their tracks. I'm certain I'm going to have to mortgage my home to get representation in a law suit against MCDC, half of the guard staff, and Berzett.

  4. So we still sitting here waiting for something to be done... the sheriff and Brezett doing there best to get rid of all the good officers MCSO has along with the money. Puckett going to have a mess to clean up with no money to do anything.