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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Charlie Get's Caught On A DUI - But Wait! There's More!

Folks, Charlie McNichol was arrested on a DUI, or something similar to a DUI, public intoxication.  He says he is sorry.  This is not the first time Charlie may have driven under the influence.  Charlie is sorry.  Was Charlie driving his  911 director vehicle or was he driving the Morgan County Sheriff's vehicle?  He sure is sorry.  Sorry, he got caught.   Charlie, there is a 12-Step Program waiting on you.

We also provided previous pics where Ana and Charlie were in the bar in Alabama living it up.  Looks like Charlie was in his Mobile official vehicle.

You know, the sad part of this is Ana is still trying to tie the whistleblower into illegal activity.  So! Who's been checking out the whistleblower's bank accounts?  Hmmm?

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  1. Will he get arrested again when the rest of Ana’s racketeering goons do?