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Friday, October 26, 2018

Breaking News

Folks, we hear that the Limestone County Sheriff had Inmate Greg Steenson moved back to Morgan County Jail.  We hear that Greg Steenson is sick.  Real Sick and recently may have to require surgery.  The last thing anybody wants is to have a sick inmate in their facility.  Right Ana?

We do not know the actual medical condition of Steenson but we have confirmed that he is in the infirmary at the Morgan County Jail.  For God sakes Ana if he needs medical treatment get him to a facility now.

In addition, we hear that the Federal Inmates are ready to protest.  Our source says there is no food.  Our prisoners are eating liquified peanut butter.  It looks oily and nasty.  These folks want real food.

Our concern is for Greg Steenson.  We hear his family is concerned over his well being.

When was Steenson transported back to Morgan County?  Blakely has enough trouble.  He has an Ethics complaint against him and he is best buds with Ana.

On the other hand he hasn’t taken inmate food funds since 2011.

Ana, can you explain why the Federal Inmates are complaining?  What is wrong with Greg Steenson?  Greg Steenson's punishment is for his wrongdoings.  It is not to keep him from proper medical care.  Please tell us, Ana, that Steenson is ok.