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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Another Shoe Drops......each one closer to Ana

ALEA agent with ties to Morgan sheriff pleads guilty, agrees to cooperates


At some point a sinner will be punished; many decisions or events that are important in one's life take time in coming. ... : Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; : Though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness grinds he all.

Well, folks, at last the wheels of justice have come around to former ALEA agent Stephen Ziaja (with close ties to Ana Franklin)

Here's the story we've been waiting for::

Indicted on 13 felonies, a former ALEA agent with close ties to Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin (emphasis added) pleaded guilty to misdemeanors and was sentenced Monday to 60 days in jail after agreeing to cooperate in ongoing criminal investigations.

As we who read the Blog know, Steenson dropped dimes on Ziaja:

I know he looked those up for Priceville Partners,” Steenson said. “The benefit to (Priceville Partners) is we’re able to track them down to find our repos. … He’d start with the person who did owe the money and then work your way around (to known associates). ... Like this (Priceville Partners customer), we couldn’t find him. Steven (Ziaja) runs him down and he’s in the Lawrence County Jail. With that, we knew where to start.”
And now it's Steven's turn.  One hopes has lots of change in his pockets, especially dimes.
In his plea agreement, Ziaja "agrees to cooperate with the state as part of any ongoing criminal investigation into this and related matters, including making (himself) available for any questioning and providing any necessary documentation or testimony before any grand jury." 
Steven, 60 days in the Cullman County lockup is a piece of cake especially: because “incarceration here would afford Mr. Ziaja the ability to maintain his full-time employmentOh, well.   His manager wrote in an evaluation submitted to the court that Ziaja “would be a great salesman, or whatever he puts his mind to. … I promise that the sky is the limit for this man.”  He had a good teacher, Greg Steenson.
Now, about those close ties to Ana........


  1. Poor, poor ole Booger. We tried to tell you years ago Ana didn't give a rats ass about you, just your money. Look where you are now. All that running behind her with your nose stuck up her rear end. You are paying for it now.

  2. The wheels have come off!

  3. And now it starts. Ana Franklin Bones Livingston JP Berzetts Goodwins Whittle and others please don’t be encouraged by the very light sentence Ziaja got. Please remember these were just charges against Ziaja from his own agency only. And he cooperates with the ongoing investigation here with all of you. Those after you are not just the state guys. Maybe now you all will go to the river and cry a river to save yourselves. That goose cooking water is boiling now. Instead of surveillance of the FBI it might be time to leave those guns and badges behind and walk on in. Walking away and resigning or moving to other agencies won’t help you. You all have been exposed for your criminal actions. Coconspirators who are no longer involved and trying to disatance themselves, it’s not called the long arm of the law for nothing and you all have lied and manipulated way too long.

    1. Don’t forget Blake and his battle cry about a war with the FBI! I bet he is not screaming that now but instead needs depends at a young age. So ignorant and his foolishness and greed will cost him far more than he ever gained or imagined. He will loose control of everything he has in his life and be left with nothing as he struggles alone to rebuild years from now as a convicted felon. What a mistake it was to side with and go along with Ana Franklin. Wrong side Blake maybe you should just take some vacation instead of working your shift. Noce time of year to enjoy the scenery before you can’t for awhile. Playing with Bones Ana and Barney was the biggest mistake of your life.

  4. All these people need to figure out what actors need to play their roles in the criminal and corruption packed movie on all this coming out versus a battle cry to the FBI.

  5. Shame on you Glenda and the other Whistleblowers mentioned in the lawsuit against you. You Leon Bradley and Rick Sherman made all this up and poor Steven Ziaja is a Saint and you ruined him with your lies. Don’t believe me? Ask Honest Ana Franklin or Shoebox Barney Lovelace with his box of lies. Either of them will surely tell the truth.
    For all the literal folks out there this was sarcasm. Good job people. Ana Franklin and her goons are going down. Ana’s attempts now only make her look more guilty everyday. Her boyfriend and cousin going down don’t help her either. She is obviously delusional or she would have resigned and fessed up by now. They going to really slam her for her arrogance fueled by Bones and Blake who will also get burned with others there who participated.