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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ana's Communications

Folks we are not saying whether Sheriff Ana Franklin was or was not overheard claiming that she refuses to accept a felony charge and that she would only accept a misdemeanor.  To calm all of the speculations down we conducted a search of open or sealed criminal cases in the Northeastern district.  We found no record of sealed indictments or anything else.

We recommend everyone calm down.  There are no guarantees that Ana, Bones, Blake, or JP will be charged with anything.


  1. After such a long period of time waiting for Sheriff Ana Franklin to be arrested and charged with a crime, it has become obvious that this will never happen. Her thugs will never serve time either. I guess most people do not realize, that this sheriff is protected by the very people who should be helping to put her behind bars. She has "dirt" on everyone including Senator Arthur Orr, the ALEA and the FBI. Most Alabama sheriffs are protected by the ALEA and the FBI as are corrupt law enforcement.. The city of Tuscaloosa is owned and controlled by a wealthy redneck who basically owns the sheriff, Ron Abernathy, as well as the University of Alabama and Druid City Hospital. This man, ST Bunn, owns the only company that supplies asphalt to the State of Alabama and has for many years. He has it all sewn up and no other bids are accepted. His son,"Sweet Tea" has been accused of raping university coeds after plying them with alcohol or the date rape drug. The sheriff always comes to the rescue of "Sweet Tea", Terry Bunn, who is in his late thirties and hangs around the bars near the University looking for victims. So far only the well known and respected attorney, Donald V Watkins, has tried to see that Bunn's son pay for what he has done to these young women. Abernathy and his detectives always seem to blame the victims. With ST Bunn being the only company supplying asphalt to the state and contributing millions of dollars to Tuscaloosa institutions it is obvious that cronyism and corruption is rampant in Tuscaloosa. Bunn's influence permeates everything to do with government, business and charities in Tuscaloosa. Hopefully if Governor Ivey is elected, she will address the special treatment afforded to Bunn and will see that other companies are given the opportunity to receive state contracts.As always, corruption is thriving in Alabama. Anyone who believes that the ALEA or FBI is going to take down these corrupt sheriffs and other law enforcement must also believe in the tooth fairy. As long as the citizens of this state turn their heads and pretend not to see, the corruption will thrive. We vote these people in office and we can vote them out. Kudos to the Whistle blower for everything that she has done to out these people. At least Franklin will not be running for sheriff again.

    1. So you're saying you think Tod Entrekin, Etowah Co Beach House Sheriff, will never pay for his crimes either?

    2. No, I am not saying any such thing. I do not know much about other counties.I know a great deal about Tuscaloosa and Morgan. Because of the great work of the Whistleblower, people not only in Morgan county but all over the country know about our sheriff. People need to get on board and support the Whistleblower. There needs to be more of us. Anyone with a story to tell and can back it up with facts and proof, come forward.Trust me, there are many horror stories. Franklin and her thugs are horrible and evil and have hurt many people., I am a true believer in "Karma". They are finished in law enforcement. However bad it is in Morgan County, its is equally as bad or more so in Tuscaloosa. Law enforcement is protecting a rapists, because his father has money so the elite turn their heads. They know these people are trash, but money talks. Do not give up. Come forward with what you know. Support the Whistleblower. What she has done is remarkable, but she cannot police the entire state. Everyone needs to get on board to clean up Alabama. I have it on a very good authority, that someone has come forward. Be patient and who knows what may happen. May God bless and protect all of us.

    3. That is mostly bs you are telling because I know for a fact that he's not the only supplier of asphalt to the state of Alabama. Several more lies In the story but it's your life tell it like you want to