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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Alabama Ethics - What Ethics?

Blogger Comments:  We are no fan of Roy Moore, however, we do believe ethics laws need to change if they are so poorly written that politicians totally disregard them with no fear of prosecution.  We thought the Ethics Laws were being rewritten to ensure corrupt politicians could no longer get away with white collar crime.  By George, we do not believe ethics matter to a lot of politicians in Alabama.  Look at the some of the sheriffs around the state.  Some of them brag that they will never go to jail in Alabama.  That is probably right while we mere citizens would already be under the jail if we had committed the crimes some of these people have.

Dang! Ana is so desperate she is handing off notes to the VP of the United States.  Had that been one of us mere citizens the secret service would have had us on the ground and cuffed.  As a matter of fact if one of us had tried to get in the White House with ongoing investigations we would not have even gotten in the door.

What is the world coming to?  Over the past few weeks, we have seen a man raked through the hot coals for accusations that could not be proven.  His family almost destroyed and we here in Alabama have corrupt politicians and we can't get anything done about it.  We have followed proper procedure and protocol.  Heck half of the MCSO has been across the river.   We have even sat through a hearing where the dirty dogs' doings came out in open court and still they are walking around, bragging, and carrying on as if they have no fear of the authorities.

It's a shame the sheriff and her band of goons tried to destroy us and the Bradleys yet these jerks are still walking around.

Alabama Ethics Commission does nothing, again

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