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Monday, September 24, 2018

What's Next?

Folks ask us all the time what next?  We wish we knew.  We watched Mickey Hammond and Ed Henry being charged with crimes.  Hammond has already served his sentence.  While Henry awaits his hearing and verdict.

We have sheriff Ana Franklin who has boasted about all of her protection and has not been charged with a single crime.  No doubt in our view Franklin has committed more offenses that Hammond and Henry have done.  I can't see the judicial system treated us female, meaning we non-political women, the way Ana is being treated.  By now we would have been serving our time in Tutwiler Prison for women.  What the heck?

Who the heck is Ana Franklin that she passes a note to Vice President Pence and none of the local media or papers pick it up.  What the heck are we afraid of?

We have been through a lot during the process of getting our information out about the sheriff and her dirty deals to include the Performance Auto Sales.  Our mother, brother, son, and best friend has passed.  Our biggest supporters.  Thank God they are not here to see the attacks on the whistleblowers, the limited actions, taken by the state, and outside agencies.  

We believe in the system; we always have.  But dang how long does it take to stop those who have destroyed the public trust in the system?  How long does it take to stop corruption in sheriffs offices across the state?  Sure didn't take long to stop a black democratic sheriff in Sumter County.  Oh! wait that's different.  The Sumter County Sheriff was Black and a Democrat.  Sheriff Franklin is a fragile white republican woman.

BS.  What difference does it make at this point?  I believe that is a Hillary Clinton question.  Because Benghazi was wrong and so is Sheriff Ana Franklin.  A criminal is criminal across the board.  In this case, neither Hillary Clinton or Sheriff Ana Franklin have been charged with or convicted of a crime.

Our loved ones are past but not forgotten.  We honor them and will love them always.  Our mother died knowing we were fighting for what is right.  What will Ana do?  We believe she will lie her butt off until the end and if she goes to jail she will never understand why.

How sad is it that Ana, Bones, Blake, and others do not admit to knowing right from wrong.  What must their families think?  We have always honored our parents, loved, and respected our parents vowing never to disgrace them.

What does Ana want?  Do Ana and Alyssa plan to pay the Bankruptcy court back or will they continue to deny their involvement?

May God Bless those we have lost during the trying times of this blog.  It would have been far easier to sit back and watch the sheriff and her goons destroy our county than to speak up.  Seems Ana's back is covered while our backs as citizens are not.  We are whistleblowers yet who has listened to our pleas.  

We have taken no money from anyone as whistleblowers.  We do not have access to federal, state, county, and citizens money to steal and squander.  There was a time that being a whistleblower meant something.  Now it appears it means Ana's ass is covered.  Ana, there are no free rides.  You should pay for everything you have done for us, the citizens of Morgan County, the employees you mistreated, the inmates who have gone hungry, and for the money you have taken.

Maybe just maybe someday you can say I'm sorry.  I'm sorry for all the things I have done to destroy the trust the people had in me.  We don't see that happening but maybe someday you will think of someone other than yourself and your selfish desires.  Maybe someday law enforcement will get off their duff and charge you for the crimes you have committed.  

We won't hold our breath as to charges against you.  Each time we hear the rumors that you will be charged or you are resigning, or that you are calling a press conference to announce your resignation we will report having ocean front property in Arizona for sale by owner.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in Alabama.  Where is Ana?  You can bet she has another note to slip to the U.S. Attorney General.

Ana.  I know he's here, I can smell him.  Jeff oh Jeff where are you.  I have a message for you Jeff.  You remember me, don't you.  I slipped Vice President Pence a note the other day.  Trust me nobody even noticed the shake and the note I passed.  Help me. Help me, Jeff.


  1. Not fair at all. If Ana is able to finish her term there truly is no real justice anymore.

  2. This is not about revenge. I have nothing against Ana Franklin personally. However, I am livid at her for lying, stealing, manipulating, and being so destructive. The public has seen a portion of evidence that is overwhelmingly obvious she is guilty. There apparently needs to be a bigger out cry, in which politicians are backed in a corner. I will lose faith in Trump, Pence, sessions, among many others if this is not handled by which America was founded on. Life, Liberty, and JUSTICE FOR ALL!

  3. You all don’t get it do you? Ana is going to the beach again and bringing some of her chosen and it’s all on your tax dollars. She won’t be stopped.

  4. No one will tell Ana what to do.

  5. Ana and Berzetts have to take the Goodwins down for a trip to the beach again on Sheriffs Office time and money. It is essential to the law enforcement function of the Deputies who patrol our county and the jailers who maintain the jail. Don’t get sunburned guys you got to come back and work. Oh wait you haven’t really worked at anything but scams in years now. Oh but please don’t drink and drive.

  6. It’s party all the time as usual for Ana and gang. They think they are untouchable. They can victimize every citizen who pays taxes, every inmate, every employee, and do so without any consequences as they destroy the Sheriffs Office and our county more everyday. And the county commission sits back in silence.

  7. Don’t tell me Ana, Berzett and the rest are going to get away with what they did to our county. What is wrong with our state law enforcement that they allow this kind of conduct to continue?

  8. Ana is scared to death that someone is going to find out how she used inmates to her advantage. She should be. The reason Kelso was moved to the jail is because he refused to be a part of their corruption.

  9. If she can sleep well at night I'd be surprised. What goes around comes's called KARMA

  10. Good devoted experienced professional people being punished, taken advantage of, fired, or silenced any way she can to feed her greed and corruption and no one will stop it.

  11. If Ana was a real law enforcement officer or just an honest person she would defend herself and the others who will go down with and for her. She does not defend herself because she is the criminal we all now know her to be. If Ana were honest she would tell the truth. However, if Ana can’t lie she pleads the fifth. Do you all not see she does not care about any of you. She is as selfish greedy and disgustingly dishonest as it comes. She is a criminal and her continued stay at the Sheriffs Office only shows how corrupt the whole system is becoming that it has to allow it to go on this long. The system protects the criminals because in many cases, it is full of the criminals. Free Morgan County Alabama from the corruption already.

  12. Wonder if Jeff Sessions knows how far you went and what you will do for favor? Wonder if he knows what you did with and for Big Luther Strange when came knocking on the travel camper in Montgomery? If Vice President Pence knew he would not have taken the note you passed him. Ana no amount of sleeping around or lies or begging will get you out of this mess or fix the careers you have destroyed. Go away already! Stop being such an embarrassment to everyone in this county and state. You are still destroying not only your reputation but your family name. Go away!

  13. Folks your chairman and commissioners have let this happen