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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sheriff Gene Mitchell Vowed He Would Not Take Inmate Food Funds in 2006 - What happened Gene? Greed?

Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Gene Mitchell recently admitted that he takes approximately 80K in inmate food funds that he claims are left over inmate food funds.  Yet, while running for office in Lawrence County along with two other candidates he vowed he would not take inmate food funds.  Since he is one of the 49 sheriffs who is under scrutiny for inmate food funds, is it any surprise that he lied?  He also claims that when he was sheriff of Talladega County he did not take inmate food funds.  If he lied in 2006 what makes us think that he is being honest about not taking inmate food funds from Tallageda County Sheriffs Office?  Wasn't he also terminated from another position with the state for reason?

Why do we keep voting these liars into office?  Folks, the amount of money these losers have taken over the years amounts to millions of dollars.  Think about it?  If a sheriff has been in office for 20+ years he/she could have taken several million dollars over the years.  If  Mitchell's take was approximately 960K over the last 12 years some of these folks could be close to a 2M dollar take.

Gene, you have potential.  You and Ana make great liars.

State, Local and National news

Lawrence Sheriff
candidates won’t keep
leftover meal funds

By Kristen Bishop 
DAILY Staff Writer · 340-2443
MOULTON — All three candidates for Lawrence County sheriff said, if elected, they won’t keep leftover money from feeding inmates.

Earl “Sonny” Malcom
Age: 63
Political offices held:Chairman of the Lawrence County Commission from 1985 to 1987
Occupation: retired
Education: Graduate of Lawrence County High School, studied criminal investigation, police administration and department budgeting at Calhoun Community College
Platform: Malcom has promised to coordinate with local police departments, the district attorney and the court system to establish an efficient working relationship. He said he would not fire current employees.
Personal: Malcom has one son, Chris Malcom.
A law that the Legislature passed in the 1930s created a fee system to pay public officeholders.
That part of the law has been changed but not the portion that allows sheriffs to keep unspent jail food money.
The state pays sheriffs $1.75 per day for each inmate. The less money a sheriff spends to feed inmates, the more money he has to put into his own pocket.
The extra money has boosted many Alabama sheriffs’ salaries, including Morgan County Republican Sheriff Greg Bartlett, who pocketed at least $104,000 more than his salary in a two-year period.
Bartlett’s current annual salary was $58,000 until recently when it went to $60,236, according to the County Commission office.
Lawrence County Democratic Sheriff Bryan Hill never responded to requests about how much food money he received. Hill’s last audit showed the state sent $95,000 to him, however, the audit did not show how much of that was spent on prisoner meals.
Hill’s salary is $54,787, according to the County Commission office.

Gene Mitchell
Age: 64
Political experience:Director of Alabama Department of Public Safety, Sheriff of Talladega County
Occupation: retired from the Alabama Department of Public Safety
Education: Graduate of Mount Hope High School and the Alabama State Trooper Academy; studied criminal law at Gadsden State College and arson investigation at The University of Alabama; Secret Service Protection training in Washington, D.C.
Platform: Mitchell has promised to take steps to protect children from illegal drugs, keep senior citizens safe, reduce the number of burglaries and make schools safer.
Personal: Mitchell is married to Montez Mitchell and has two sons, Joe Mitchell and Eric Farmer, and one daughter, Kim Morris.
Republican candidate for sheriff, Billy Steele, has been slamming the practice since he first announced his candidacy and wrote a letter to DAILY editors in February.
In his letter, Steele wrote, “It has always been an unwritten law that the sheriff make (the jail food money) part of his/her salary, which is great for the sheriff, but bad for the department when citizens of a county already face massive cutbacks within their sheriff’s department.”
Steele told THE DAILY that the issue is the main focus of his campaign and that, if elected, he will shuffle any extra money to the sheriff’s department budget.
“The food bill money is my main issue,” he said. “It’s the taxpayers’ money and shouldn’t be spent on anything but providing better resources to the department for the citizens of Lawrence County.”
Steele said the department could use extra money to fund vehicles, training or a full-time school-resource officer.
“The amount of money left over is usually enough to hire a full-time deputy,” he said.
The two other sheriff candidates agree.
Democratic candidate Gene Mitchell said he didn’t keep any extra food money for himself when he was sheriff of Talladega County.

Billy Steele
Age: 37
Political offices held: none
Occupation: Diplomatic security agent for the State Department and member of the National Guard. Steele is home on leave from work as a civilian security guard in Iraq and plans to return next week. He said, if elected sheriff, he will be back in Lawrence County in time to take office.
Education: Graduate of Hatton High School, combat/military police training, criminal justice classes at Troy State University
Platform: Steele has promised to take steps to reduce the number of murders and drugs in Lawrence County, support community corrections programs and the citizens police academy, and encourage deputies to practice community policing by being involved in local events.
Personal: Steele is married to Sarah Steele and has two daughters, Savannah and Samantha.
However, he pointed out that if a sheriff spends more money than is allotted to feed inmates, he is required to pay the extra out of his own salary.
“It’s easy to say you won’t take it, but if (the sheriff) runs short, is he going to take it out of his own pocket?” asked Mitchell. “....It should be in the county’s budget. The sheriff’s salary should stand alone.”
Mitchell suggested that the county commission be responsible for setting the sheriff’s salary and funding the food bill separately.
Any extra money would go into the county treasury.
Earl “Sonny” Malcom, said this is his third time running for sheriff and that he has always promised to return all leftover food money.
“My position is the same thing I told people four years ago when I ran — that I would not pocket the money and, instead, turn it back over to the sheriff’s department.”
Malcom qualified to run as an independent May 31. He ran as a Democrat in 2002.

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  1. Why did clean Gene resign as sheriff of Talladega county to go back to the state as a plain abi agent with no rank? Something doesn't smell right with this story. So many unanswered question about genes past, all we know is his one sided silver tongue devil story which when you scratch the surface makes you scratch your head.

  2. 80 years old and still running for sheriff is it greed or something else? And why do the people in Talladega county call him clean gene?

  3. You think he has a problem remembering or telling the truth about this jail money, try getting him in a courtroom testify, his nose would be 10 foot long, truth will never be mentioned unless of course it is for his benefit.

  4. The liberal yellow dog democrat from Montgomery was not properly vetted in the first campaign nor has he been since and when you get down to it we know little about his past employments especially separations from jobs, no one has truly dug into his background.

  5. Has Gene Mitchell given any information or court records regarding the shooting of the black motorist when he was a state trooper? What was the final findings of this investigation? Or is this a case of poor vetting again. Anytime someone dies the facts/findings surrounding the incident needs to be made available to the public.

  6. Haha! Glenda took Ana Franklin down, now she is starting on Mean Gene!

    Whistleblower-Round 2

    Word of advice Gene: Don't try to shut Glenda up, just do what is right. Ana wishes she would have.

    1. Let Gene repeat what ana did and try and shut the whistleblower down and he will face the same consequences. Ana political career over - destroyed, may end up in handcuffs or prison. Gene is no spring chicken at 78 years young, a 10 year prison sentence would be the same as life without parole. Harvey eugene better realize this ain't 1960 he can't out silver tongue technology. Clean gene your gig is up!!!

  7. FOIA requests about to go out, not going to be a good day for the Colonel of SSG / DPS, just getting started Harvey Eugene "Gene" Mitchell incase you thought this was towards the end, early stages a lot more to come plus what FOIA requests produce. Gene it's not just individuals anymore so you can't stop by attacking one person like you did randy, many people involved in this operation.

  8. We all know about the $1.75 per day from the state we have heard that till we are sick of it so Gene let's talk about what the five municipalities in lawrence county pay you per day to feed the prisoners? Plus sheriff's allowance, you never talk about so that is what you smart investigators call a clue, right??? FOIA here we come.

  9. Well folks here at the sheriff's dept we are circling the waggons, the boss "Gene" considers the whistleblower a threat, kenneth the brother/colonel/chief deputy is in full protection mode watching the cameras and listening and watching all recording devises which are everywhere up here. Gene got all six investigators working to see if they can nail down who the whistleblowerS are so I hope no one has any burglaries or thefts that need any attention. It's getting tense up here but it want stop us.

    1. lmao it's kind of obvious who is on here doing all the shit talking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so there was no need to even think about having any investigators trying to figure out who is behind all the shit talking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Sorry norman pool about your 35k theft but you are on the back burner Ole boy, we locked and loaded with our focus and attention on the whistleblower and who is leaking her inside information.

  11. Gene, I know you are reading this or having kenneth the chief deputy read it, just talked with Joe wheeler emc, they said because they sometimes have to climb the power poles political and other signs are NOT permitted on joe wheeler poles. So you need to get them down before we have to do a post with pictures on that topic. You would think someone as smart as you would know to ask first before putting signs on someone else's property. Also can I get my picture took sitting on the sheriff's lap? Do I have to pay for this?

  12. Just seen Max Sanders facebook post from yesterday morning. One thing is for sure, Max is not like others who have faced mitchell, he is not scared of him and he is not afraid to go toe to toe with him and call him out when he makes crazy statements that he doesn't think anyone is smart enough to realize he is talking with that silver tongue. Don't back down Max, keep going toe to toe with him and call him out and point out this crazy stuff he says. Mitchell says he has experience, from the posts on this blog it appears his experience is bad experience and lack of control over his department. Not the kind of experience or leadership we need in lawrence county.

    1. Well I reckons yalls form of "toe to toe" means making up a bunch of rumors about Mitchell and his family then y'all must not know many facts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ y'all literally look like a group of dumbassesπŸ˜‚ It's sad that Max SANDERSON couldn't have a clean race and act as old as he looks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Well I reckons yalls form of "toe to toe" means making up a bunch of rumors about Mitchell and his family then y'all must not know many facts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ y'all literally look like a group of dumbassesπŸ˜‚ It's sad that Max SANDERSON couldn't have a clean race and act as old as he looks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Oh by the way Tez, that fb post about pictures is such a sign of desperation and so johnny come lately. Yall are chasing Max. How does it feel to be behind in 2nd place and trying to keep up with your opponent. That being a liberal yellow dog democrat not going to work this time. I would say gene might actually have to knock on some doors and have to ask people for their vote but he don't have a vehicle and would have to use that county tahoe, plus that is beneath him to knock on doors and ask someone for their vote face to face. Put up more signs on state signs and Joe wheeler poles, lol

    1. Y'all are the idiots that couldn't have a clean campaign πŸ˜‚ Sooo would Russ or Max happen to know where all of Gene's signs are that disappeared???? I know for a fact that y'all got severalllllll of his signs bc many people saw it happen . I mean who could miss Max's white head πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's white as snow. Now that the election is over y'all don't have a damn thing to say πŸ˜‚ Atleast gene made sure I kept my mouth shut and didn't reply to yalls childish bullshit until after the election was over. Russ and max both ain't nothing but shit talkers . Oh and I can't leave out Harold . You know his is brown nosing MaxπŸ˜‚ Smh y'all seriously need to grow up!!