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Monday, September 10, 2018

Sheriff Ana Franklin - Desperate

Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin is desperate.  We mean desperate.  Does she really believe that anybody from the Top Down will stand up for her corruption.  Vice President Pence, President Trump, nor U.S. Attorney General is going to touch her.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has claimed time and time again that she knows people in HIGH places.

It is doubtful that anybody would lift a finger to help her.  We hear "old money" down south has her back.  We don't have anybody covering our back and neither does sheriff Ana Franklin.  She got herself into this mess of corruption, criminal activity, and abuse of power and she deserves to pay society back for all the bad things she has done to the people of Morgan County, the MCSO employees, a family down south, hungry inmates, and most likely numerous activities we have no clue of.

The only thing Sheriff Ana Can do is make our Commander in Chief and his office look bad.  Folks, we have our share of corrupt politicians.  Not just Republican, we have Democrat and Independent.  Franklin just happens to be in our backdoor.

We do not believe for one minute that Vice President Pence would waste his time on the likes of Sheriff Ana Franklin or any other person who has gotten themselves in a pickle.

Please don't start the conspiracy theory.  The only desperation going on here is sheriff Ana Franklin.  Franklin is desperate and scared to the core.

No conspiracy here.  Just a desperate washed up sheriff who can't stop being stupid.  It's just a shame she can't stay in Alabama to pull her pranks off.


  1. I agree whole heartedly with this post. Mike Pence and Trump will not want any part of this. Why should they? She made her bed, why should they have to get in it with her?

  2. She royally screwed up this time.

  3. Is she wearing black cowboy boots with silver tips which is not acceptable with a class A uniform or is she wearing flip flops with white socks with a class A uniform? this is embarrassing. Learn proper uniform predicate before you ever put one on.

  4. Looks like they are in damage control mode, removing the videos from the internet of Ana being a despicable human in desperation mode asking for help from the White House to cover her criminal acts. If whoever will get the media to remove the video, I bet Ana has gotten an ear full. Bet she just got her last invite or chance to be anywhere around the President or Vice President. Ana Woodard Franklin is an embarrassment beyond anything people imagined to begin with. Ana has been an embarrassment on so many levels. Just wait until the arrest of Ana and her gang to see more of what she has done and have it published and exposed. Hope these guys who are prosecuting them will get this done in a timely manner. EVERYONE is tired of waiting and dealing with her corruption. Everyone but those profiting and benefiting from all the embezzlement and racketeering. The IRS if no one else is likely burning up calculating the amount of taxes evaded. Our county and our law enforcement is suffering. The Sheriffs Office is loosing good people. The greed and corruption is defacing our county politicians. People are loosing faith in our political system due to the fact this criminal and those she brought in with her are still in control to pad their pockets. The problem and the fact the problem still goes unrecognized by the politicians of Morgan County is hurting much more than just the Sheriffs Office. What businesses want to have anything to do with such a corrupt county. After all one of the first people a company has to deal with if they want to come in is Ana’s favorite lawyer and partner in crime Barney Lovelace who also should have nothing to do with the law for his acts. Would ULA move here today? I do not think so! Would any of our staple industries move here today with the corruption going on in this county? I very seriously doubt it. But we continue to allow it and our politicians do nothing to resolve it. When will it end? If Ana is allowed to finish her term then it should be the last term for all politicians in this county who refuse to call out and expose the Sheriff and her cohorts in crime. Enough is enough already. It’s time to get this all over with. It is time to hold all those responsible accountable. And it’s time the Media go straight to it and ask these politicians for statements concerning their knowledge of the fraud waste and abuse as well as the crime and corruption surrounding all of this and the many lies Ana has told.