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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Shaking trees

It seems like a lot of trees have been shaken lately.  Shaken not stirred we assume.  Saber rattlers are good for one thing.  Showing their power and prestige.  Kinda like Dominic Dunn used to say.  The rich and famous fall hard. 

Power, privilege, and justice.  Sheriff Franklin has never had a pot to pee in.  She was just like the rest of us.  Trying to make a poor person's dollar.  That is until she became sheriff.  

Above the law, assuring those beneath her that she is untouchable.  Got this person or that person wrapped around her little finger, and now she is down to slipping the VP notes.  We can imagine how that must have gone.

Sick, sad, and disgusting.



  1. Yes the mighty can fall and it extends beyond the Morgan county line. They all think they are untouchable, the one in lawrence county thinks the same way.

  2. My apologies. I did indeed get a little out of hand the other night. I was a bit frustrated and infact made a comment that may have been out of line. In regards to that, I am human and I am in all fairness frustrated. I was *not* professional about my comment. However, I do in fact appreciate the fact I was called out. I was out of line. My apologies. However, I am beyond pissed that Ana trolled her ass over to an honorable function...was ALLOWED in it to make Trump look better. And handed a note over. I voted for all of them. I am telling you now, if trump/sessions side with her...I am DONE. I'm a bit confused as we got Trump into office. Do you know who really helped him from this state? Ana, ziaja, Fredericks...All the corrupt folks we are talking about. Please share with me what I don't know? I will tell can't support someone who supports what your going against. It will be the downfall of anyone who supports the demon. They are all in it TOGETHER.

  3. Roseann Connor plays Ana Franklin in the upcoming movie about America’s most corrupt female sheriff in history. Help us come up with ideas of the title of the movie.

  4. Call the movie about Ana: Walking Small, how blogger Glenda Lockhart shutdown the Morgan County Sheriff's Franklin Mint.