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Friday, September 28, 2018

Say What?

Blogger Comments:  Folks, we really feel sorry for Ms. Ford.  For years men have gotten away with all kind of inappropriate conduct.  On the other hand, we have questions.  It is hard to understand how Ms. Ford can remember very specific events in regards to Judge Kavanaugh but can't remember how she got to the party nor can she remember the location of the house.  Ms. Ford claims she had only one beer.  Yet Judge Kavanaugh had very specific detailed accounts of his actions.  It shouldn't matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, male or female, some things are just inherently wrong.  This man's life and family has been destroyed by one Democrat.  Instead of Diane Feinstein providing the information to law enforcement or encouraging Ms. Ford to go to the police and report the incident so they could investigate the incident she leaked or had the incident leaked, after holding the information for weeks.  Valuable time was lost for the authorities.  The local sheriff and or police department could have asked the FBI for assistance at that time.  What a shame for Ms. Ford and the Kavanaugh's that this incident was made so ugly and cruel.  There are three Democrats as we write this blog who have reportedly conducted themselves in a manner that is not sufficient to remain in their office.  What has been done about that?  

As for Jones' announcement, no surprises there.  The Demoncrats are sticking together.  But there's only 49 of them in the Senate.  

Sen. Doug Jones announces he will vote no on Kavanaugh nomination


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  1. He is like local politicians who claims to be a democrat or republican when actually they are in the other party in their heart. He mislead the people of alabama indicating he would be open minded, he is a liberal hack and if he had been in running agains anyone but Moore they would have mopped the floor with his ass.

  2. The Democrats are doing the same with Kavanaugh that they did with moore, same plan.

  3. Ol lady Ford ain't been sexually assaulted much less actually had sex with in years. Ain't nobody wants none of that and Jones 15 minutes of Fame us almost up