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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Rumor Mill - Ana and more

Folks we have heard time and time again that its happening, its happening.  Each time we find that it ain't so.  We have no control if, when, or where some of these criminals will be arrested.  At this point anything is possible.  No matter what happens we know that Ana will be gone soon.  Sure she is trying to spend every dime in the sheriff's budget right now.  Picking out paint to repaint her walls.  She can't leave it up to Sheriff Ron Puckett to decide something so simple because she has to be in control. 

Thank goodness that if Ana goes to prison she will be in confinement 23 hours of the day, otherwise, she would be dictating and trying to control the prison population.

It really doesn't matter to us at this point what happens to the sheriff, bones, Robinson, Powell, and the others.  We have no control over what the judicial systems do.  We do not regret reporting what we believe to be the facts.  As in all things, nobody is perfect and we are happy to make corrections to our blog if we are found to be incorrect.

Some of the rumors we heard this week are that Ana is resigning.  We hope that is true but we doubt it.  We have found the sheriff too arrogant to be humble enough to do the right thing.  We also heard that she is calling a press conference to announce her resignation.  We hope that is true.  Doubt that too.  Maybe she used our example of a resignation memorandum to prepare her resignation.  Doubt that too.  We heard that Ana was overheard demanding that she will not accept a felony charge only a misdemeanor.  Finally, something we can believe.  Ana seems to believe that she can even pick and choose legal actions against her. 

If only the employees that she discriminated against could have been compensated for what she has done to them.  In memory of Angela Hundley (deceased) we love you and miss you, Angela.  Some of the people of color won their complaints against Ana, unfortunately, they will get nothing except the honor of knowing they won and it was acknowledged that they were discriminated against.


  1. Ana will not go down without a fight nor will the rest of her buddies. She is busy spending SO money to make sure Puckett has nothing to work with. Ana do you really intend on painting the sheriffs office canary yellow?

  2. The evil that is Ana and her worthless criminal goons will have to be forced out and into cages to free the Sheriffs Office from their corruption and theft of Sheriff Office property and funds.

  3. Does anyone know anybody more selfish than Ana Woodard Franklin? Why is she and her thugs still there?

  4. The Fed’s aren’t beat cops that make arrests after a 5 minute “Investigation” it can be several years before indictments drop.
    Unfortunately that’s not just what I’ve heard I know first hand.