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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Riding off into the sunset

Folks, we hear that cowgirl Sheriff Ana Franklin and cowboy Berzett are getting ready to ride off into the sunset.  Ana will be leaving office as soon as her term is up and ole Larry appears to have already moved on.

Moving on to greener pastures we assume.  Can you imagine having to inventory all of the horse gear, saddles, blankets, custom embroidery garments, horse trailers, and all of the other worthless stuff that the sheriff purchased? 

What will happen to the war horse and his gear?  This may be the first time ever that gov.sales have placed up for auction women's clothing, horses, horse trailers, campers, jet skies, pageant dresses, saddles, boats, and thousands of other items.


  1. Rats jumping off a sinking ship.

  2. I can hear the song Final Countdown and Jailhouse Blues.

  3. Having read a total of 6 of your blog post my conclusion is that you need help. Perhaps I read a bad sample but it appears to be written by a deranged lunatic. I don't know if I should but I actually feel sorry for you.

  4. Is this Sheriff Gene Mitchell...whistle-blower must have struck a nerve!