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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Read more about Steven Ziaja (Booger to the locals) Sheriff Ana Franklin, and sidekick Blake Robinson

Blogger Comments:  Folks we have long believed that Steven Ziaja played a big part in Performance Auto Sales since May 2015.  We began blogging on Ziaja (aka Booger) around October 2015.

We are very delighted that the State legally confirmed our suspicions and plan on prosecuting  Ziaja and placing some of the best prosecutors to try the case.

Hart did an exceptional job in the case against Mike Hubbard, the ex-Speaker of The House who just lost his appeal.  Hubbard and some other lawmakers and those hired to uphold the law should all see the walls of prison.  We have plenty more to say about Deputy Blake Robinson and Robert (Bones) Wilson.  Blogger Comments continue below pics and link to the Sunday Edition of the Decatur Daily.   

Prosecutor - Hart                                                              

Former ALEA agent's prosecution linked to Priceville Partners

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Steven Ziaja 
photo courtesy of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Greg Steenson
Morgan County Jail Inmate

Inmate Greg Steenson seemed to run the Performance Auto Sales in Decatur.  The dealership went from having a handful of vehicles to a lot running over with vehicles.  We once called the Performance Auto Sales and asked for Ziaja and was told that he wasn't in the office that day.  That pretty well confirmed that he at least worked there.    It wasn't long before we had pictures of Ziaja working his butt off at the Performance Auto Sales in Decatur.  

Folks, we do not know who encouraged who to invest, loan, and or participate in the Performance Auto Sales and the Title Mart car lots but we believed early on that there was a lot more going on in those lots than selling vehicles.  We found out about the car lots in May 2015.  We were also told that Steven Ziaja was a major player in the Hartselle Title Mart.  We later found out that not only was Ziaja a player so was Alyssa Franklin and Blake Robinson.  There was always an abundance of county vehicles to help verify some of the folks who worked there such as Sheriff Ana Franklin's daughter Alyssa Franklin.

At some point, we believe that the state will prove that many of the dirty law enforcement officers have played a bigger role in the Performance Auto Sales and that Steven Ziaja is just the beginning.  

We also read in the daily that Sheriff Ana Franklin claimed that Ex-ALEA agent Ziaja paid her back the $150,000.00 that she invested in the Performance Auto Sales Business and that she withdrew her claim against the Bankruptcy Court.  Well!  Somebody is lying and we believe it is the one who lies each time her mouth opens.  If Sheriff Ana Franklin withdrew her claim against the bankruptcy why is she still trying to claim $135,000.00?  

None-the-less we are very proud charges have been brought against Steven Ziaja and that they are associated with Performance Auto Sales.  We believe that there is more coming in the future.

So! Take that treetrimmer and sleep with it in your cell at the Morgan County Jail.  


  1. Who is the boss now Ziaja and Ana. Greed turned you into criminals.

  2. Will it be local and state time or day for day Federal time?

  3. If Booger isn’t scared now he is even more stupid and gullible than previously believed.

  4. Criminals who followed or believed in Ana are feeling the sting of accountability and justice for their own actions in support of Ana Woodard Franklin aka inmate Ana Franklin. Guess what guys Ana doesn’t really care about you and can’t get herself out of all of this much less all of you going down.