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Monday, September 17, 2018

Pence Handoff at Presidents Speech at the White House - 9/5/18

Folks, we realize we keep showing this video but just look at the expression on Sheriff Ana Franklin's face when President Trump ignored her.  Wonder if he saw the piece of paper she planned on handing him and bypassed her.  The disappointment on Franklin's face is worth volumes.  Can you imagine what must have been in the note? 

Maybe it was this:  Mr. President please please help me.  There is a crazy woman in Morgan County, Alabama who tried to kill me.  Nobody else will help me.  They don't believe me.  I am desperate.  Regards, Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Please call me at BR549.


  1. Like a damn deer in headlights...Prez...don't you know who I am...Haha

  2. Ana are you begging for amnesty for only yourself or all the rest of the people who will go down with you also? Everyone man / woman for themselves at this point right? Ana get gone already! You, your criminal daughters and criminal cousin Steenson are all an absolute embarrassment to our county state and nation. You lie steal cheat and worseyet do so with a smile on your face and a badge you do not deserve. Felon status is on the way for you and the others. Withdraw from your retirement now before it’s all gone because of felony arrest. Gig is up. Bad cowgirl wannabe. Smells like bull all around now. So many were fooled but not anymore.

  3. Ana and gang being exposed for the idiots they really are.

  4. Be honest for a change Sheriff Ana Woodard Franklin. Let your goons and family know that it’s anout to rain indictments and ethics violations on you and all that played your games. Let them alsoprepare themselves for incarceration and loss they will endure due to their involvement with you. Let them know you were not all powerful you were not Momma Ana who could make all things right if they played your game your way. Some are not so stupid they don’t realize this as they prepare to be unemployed. Some act as if nothing will happen to their lawless acts and betrayal to all honest morally and ethically correct law enforcement. Be honest and walk away so the backlash might not be so damaging to your family who might not go to jail. Let the mass exit from the Sheriff Office begin as the corrupt scurry away. Good riddance to you and those you brought in with you. Oh, and Ron Livingston acting as he is ashamed of you with all of us when he does show up to work won’t save him either. Time to get some real back. Time to rebuild with integrity.