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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Out of uniform

Folks just for one moment let's forget about one of the dumbest things Franklin has done since being sworn into office in January 2011.  Yes.  We are talking about the unprofessional behavior and disgrace she brought to the men and women in law enforcement across the nation when she slipped a note to VP Pence.  Let's talk about being in uniform.  Notice the shoes all of the law enforcement officers are wearing with the exception of Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Franklin has open-toed shoes on with white socks.  Who does that?    Especially in uniform. 

Maybe it's a woman thing but at least it wasn't a camel toe. 


  1. The passing of notes to the Vice President and the failed attempt to hand off her self written pardon to the President of the United States is absolutely the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. Instead of representing our county she passes help me notes to the country's top leaders .I wonder if she payed Jeff sessions a visit while spending taxpayers dollars on a save her ass trip to our nation's capital.If Ana could get out of her troubles by sacrificing sheep and cattle to pagan gods the slaughter of livestock would be immeasurable .
    Her time is limited . She will soon find her self doing a long prison sentence .All her property seized and sold at auction and she will leave a legacy of corruption that will take this county years to recover from

    1. If I were ANYBODY in the White House, I would drop her like a hot potato. Opened toed shoes with socks...hell she's COMFORTABLE. Now is this concernerning or is she 2 sheets in the wind? Because I got to tell you, her behavior is bizarre. Kinda like Decatur General West bizarre. Is this chick lost her marbles? I heard jeff sessions had em' in his mouth? Hmmm?

  2. Game over Larry and Pam. Take off work now and enjoy your last bit of freedom Ron, may likely be your last ever. Blake and Bones enjoy the jail food. Dee enjoy the high priced commissary food when shelling out the money on your books. Many others and the ethics violations you will have. Get out and enjoy life while you can. Ana lied, she doesn’t have your back.

  3. Videos are gone. You know Ana heard about it if they went through the trouble of getting rid of the videos. Sad, she sealed her fate now for sure.