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Friday, September 14, 2018

More info from Lawrence County

We continue to receive more and more information from citizens of Lawrence County.  We can understand why that would upset the sheriff.  Folks have a lot to say and we ask that they keep their comments professional.

We also have a general election coming up so hopefully if the folks of Lawrence County want to change directions that is the time to do it. 

We hear there is a lot of running around trying to find out who our sources are.  Our biggest source is Sheriff Gene Mitchell himself and his interviews. 

We must say, however, Gene like Ana is his own worst enemies.  Well! At least their mouths are. 

Gene, chill out and stop running around the barnyard.

It's time our sheriffs started acting like sheriffs instead of chickens wearing pants.

Ole Gene could pull an Ana and try to get assistance from our Commander in Chief.

The only problem is that the citizens of Alabama are sick and tired of sheriffs who are less than frugal.  There's that word again that Sheriff Ana likes.

We the citizens should be frugal and give our money to sheriffs who are responsible for protecting and serving and turn our backs while they take money that doesn't belong to them.  Yep! Frugal.


  1. Honestly, that chicken walks like the sheriffs brother and chief deputy-colonel Kenneth Mitchell. Fast walker with britches pulled up high especially in the back.

  2. Folks the whistle blower is right, Gene is 78 years old trying to get another 4 year term, he is to feeble to be taking these punches. So go light on him. He is behind in this campaign, he is in panic mode, trying to get his workers to get more signs attached to State and County stop signs, information signs and joe wheeler electric poles, managing all from his Moulton Headquarters, he doesnt need any more stress.

  3. Let the information flow, a lot has been kept quite the past 12 years. Why is the sheriff a micro manager and not just the sheriff's dept, he micro manages every part of county government, courthouse and especially the county commission, he runs the county commission office. Maybe he should focus on solving burglaries and thefts and answering calls in a timely manner.

  4. I bet old gene is setting up there in that big campaign headquarters nawing on that big cigar and ringing his hands saying I wish someone would come see me at the HQ and tell me they going to vote for me. I don't want to have to borrow a vehicle to drive and get out in this hot sun and have to actually ask someone for their vote.

  5. Believe me Lawrence County, we feel for you, we know what you are going through, but I still do not believe he can even hold a candle to what Ana Franklin has done, and what is still doing, and what we have endured here with her stealing, lying, 2-faced, crooked ass.

    1. We know what yall have been thru but at least you know for sure you got relief on the way in january. What you have seen is only a tid bit of what all has went on up here, but we may get closer once more and more is released, soon.

  6. I just have a gut feeling this picture campaign Mz. Sheriff is working on is going to go flop! But that is what happens when your lazy and scared to meet the voters because you afraid they going to question you on the operations of your dept and you cant answer them honestly.

  7. I keep seeing the words strong leadership referenced by Mr. Mitchell, which brings me to wonder why the big push on the word strong. Is it to try and cover for the fact that he is 78 years old and will be over 80 at the end of another term so he feels the need to push this strong leadership. Which leads to another question what is strong leadership? More to come! Is honesty part of strong leadership?

  8. You know how you know it is an election year in Lawrence County and the man is behind. Well he hasn't liked, shared or posted anything in 3 years and now he is on facebook 24/7 liking and commenting on everything. Trying to catch up to his opponent who is pulling away from him and he can feel it and knows it.