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Monday, September 10, 2018

Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell - What?

Looks like Sheriff Gene Mitchell is using his county vehicle for personal gain.  You decide.


  1. Definitely personal gain. No political signs on county owned vehicles. Ethics violation.

  2. That magnetic sign on his County owned vehicle looks identical to the 5,000 that i see on the highways and intersections. i thought it was against the law to use a county vehicle to politic in.

    1. I am seeing signs attached to stop signs and other information signs with clear draw ties, a clear violation of the law according to Tony harris with AL DOT. I have never seen a sheriff who just freely breaks law after law like it is nothing. Also he is nailing signs to Joe wheeler electric poles which are publicly owned not private property, more ethics violations. I guess he thinks because he is 78 years old he gets a free pass.

  3. Maybe he will get the corrupt ethics commission to give him another letter to put in the paper like he got in 1996 when he left DPS and REPUBLICAN Gov. Fob James admin. Republican - Democrat? which is it, does anyone know? Is it a wolf in sheep clothing? (PR). Surely the democrat nominee is not really a republican. How would all these leaders of the democratic party feel to know they have a republican sign in their front yards. or is he really just a yellow dog liberal democrat. i think he is a yellow dog democrat! I cant believe a sheriff who thinks he is above the law. Maybe he forgot he cant use a county vehicle to put his campaign magnets on. Havent seen any of his magnets on vehicles this campaign since this photo surfaced, LOL

  4. I know him well, he is a Barack Obama - Hillary Clinton liberal democrat. He is running as a democrat and in order to do that he had to sign a pledge to support the party platform. Well we all know what the party platform is, take away our guns and pro choice / pro abortions.

  5. Well i dont know if he would be for taking away guns, if he did that how would he make all that money off the pistol permits that he doubled the price of so he and his family and grandkids can go to the beach and to all these Sheriffs conferences? who would pay for the free vacations without the pistol permit money for the whole family? does anyone want to see pictures???