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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Just when you think you've seen it all

Morgan sheriff pleads Fifth in Priceville Partners bankruptcy case

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Blogger Comments:  Lord.  You can't make this stuff up.  Franklin took the money from the inmate food funds out of the goodness of her heart to help the inmates.  What the heck?  The inmate food funds were plentiful so why did the inmates need help?  

Is Barney back in town?  Talk about a spin.  This one is a whirlwind.  Shortfalls were the motivating factor and Ana was "persuaded to invest".  Folks we are talking about the Sheriff of Morgan County.  Is this sheriff so weak minded,  so unintelligent, so incapable of making decisions that she is so easily persuaded?  What losses?  There wasn't a loss until Ana took not 150K but actually took 160K.  The inmate food funds had 160K plus, it was July and the end of the Fiscal year was a little over two months away.  That means that on October 1st the sheriffs new budget would be in place which meant more money was about to come in.  There were no shortfalls.

Dang if Ana doesn't go on to blame it on her ex-boyfriend, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency agent Steven Ziaja.  Geeze.  My boyfriend made me do it.  I was persuaded to invest the inmate food funds.  Shucks, mister, I sure didn't want to do it but they made me.

Our opinion is that Sheriff Ana Franklin had one thing in mind and that was to pad her pockets.  In addition, we sat in on the Federal Hearings and heard the testimony and the Judge's opinions.  It is hard, no, impossible to believe that Ana had the inmates' best interest in mind.

Franklin claims she reimbursed the 150K of the inmate food funds.  That in its self is a lie.  Franklin placed the money in Traditions Bank in an account she named inmate food funds, not in Peoples Bank from where she withdrew the funds.   


  1. Are they stupid or delusional? Do they really think all these Federal and State agencies would have used three to four years of resources over a misunderstanding or mistake. Do they not realize there are mounds of physical evidence? Do they not realize employees, some very close to Ana, were recording audio well before they believed they were under investigation?

    PSA: Once we are notified they are leaving for the last time, we will announce the time for the going away party. All previous employees invited. All LEOs who have had contact with Big Berzett, you are also invited. This will be a NO CHILDREN event due to the likelihood of cursing, vulgar hand gestures, and possibly an ass whipping or two. After they leave the property, all can fellowship in peace and tell about the good ol' days. We will keep you posted.

  2. “Gray said Franklin made the loan in an effort to help inmates, not to enrich herself. It was an effort to make sure that she could continue to feed the prisoners, whether anyone believes it or not.” Do you really expect us to believe this BS Ana?? You don’t give a rat’s patuttie about your employees, except your selected few, much less the inmates. You say for 8 months expenditures exceeded the income in the food bill acct. That is a bigger BS story. Show us the detailed reports of quick books, and not the cooked version you have. More, more of your lies.

  3. She will be In Steensons shoes soon and no one will listen to her.

  4. Hell nobody listens to her now.

  5. Ana has made money every month since she has been in office Jan 2011, BIG money. Never a shortfall where she had to use her own money. Who in the hell does she think is going to believe this? Produce the food account records ana and prove it to us. What a lying B****.

  6. Ana get your pardon. How did passing a note to VP work? Will you be allowed back again? You calling out to Daddy for help? No one can save you from prison now. You can only delay a little and continue to make it worse on yourself. Leave already!